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10 Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger And Thinner


May 7th, 2019   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2023

These days looking in being in style is not just about donning the clothes that are in trend. From hair to accessories to make up everything needs to be just about perfect. Even after trying multiple anti-ageing treatments sometimes the effect of age refuses to leave your skin.

However, you would be surprised to know that there are various hairstyles which help to reduce at least a decade off your face. You can find this resource helpful for having short hairstyles for fine hair.


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1. The Short Edgy Cut

 Short Edgy Cut

One of the most effortless hairstyle, it makes you look majestic and just about perfect. There are multiple hair products which can help you style your tresses if they are cut under this style. Looking gorgeous in all hair colors this hair cut suits all age types.

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2. Blunt A-line Bob

The Angled Bob

Ever since the last few decades, this hairstyle has just not lost its glamour. Whatever be the occasion you can absolutely rock it if you have your hair cut in this one. Not only that this cut gives a volume to your hair and you never get the messy look which is a plus point too.


3. The Angled Bob


Your skin may have sagged but there is still a way that you do not show it. This haircut is a must for those who want an uplifting to face and its features. Others notice only your cheekbones and that makes your face look tight too.


4. Chin-length Layers

Chin-length Layers

Want to look young but not show how hard you have tried. Opt for the subtle layers of this one as it gives your face a frame and an everlasting look. Along with the curl and volume you get at the top the style makes your hair look fresh yet classy.


5. Edgy Cropped Bob

Edgy Cropped Bob

A small face looks cute when it goes for the cropped bob. You can use any hair product and style this hair cut with ease. Your thin locks bounce off and that gives an impression of improving texture and fullness.


6. A Classy Blonde

Classy Blonde

This usually is not for everyone to go for. However, if you do wish to attempt it go ahead. You not only get back a youthful appearance the striking looks make people go crazy for you.


7. Cropped Haircut


With this short crop, you look damn serious and focussed. Alongside the blond highlights make you a tad vulnerable and ready to take your game ahead.


8. Messy Blunt Cut


You know that the blunt cut has always been a rage and the vibrancy it gives to your face is just amazing. Your hair may be straight or curly you can always use any styling product to manage them. Quick to style this one is perfect for those who have limited time.


9. Layered Bob

Layred Bob

You have long hair then adding layers to it is just too cool. Just in case if you are open to some excitement go for a shade of color. Opt for one that would complement your original hair color and see the difference.


10. Stacked Bob


This is the hairstyle that gives your hair a charm that is hard to miss. You add teasing to the roots and notice the volume you get in return. Plus the soft and varied lines change the way people have so far looked at you.

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