11 Pertinent Reasons For Having A Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

January 16th, 2020   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

People tend to over prepare for every trip. They pack way too many things and they worry way too much; their suitcases can’t ever close and their heads are full of things that can go wrong.

And yet, despite all those fears and concerns, it’s not very common for travelers to buy travel insurance.

And why? People are still under informed in the topic, despite the fact that you can easily get it – even with your medicare package. They ask: is it really worth the cost? Well, it really is, and here’s why:

1. Last-Minute Cancellation

You can make even the most thorough plans but you still may encounter something that’s impossible to predict – someone may get sick or even die, your job can get in the way or there’s a breakdown in your house that requires your immediate attention.

On the other side, your trip may get cancelled for some reason by third parties and you are stuck at the airport far from home.

These are not situations when you would like to lose any money and not to get any assistance. Travel insurance can have trip cancellation or interruption coverage and you won’t have anything to worry about.

2. Missed Connection

Things happen. Even if you’ve never missed your transportation or a connection, you’ve probably already been close to missing it.

That’s how you know it may happen, and that it’s not always your fault. You will get paid for any travel changes and the company will help you find alternatives.

3. Sickness Or Injury

Workplace Injury Compensation

Accidents also happen, just as sicknesses. You may be the most cautious person on the planet, but you still can’t be sure that nothing will occur to you – the flu or a slip and fall happen to the best-prepared of us, and it’s never convenient.

Thanks to travel medical coverage, you won’t get overwhelmed with expensive medical bills, and you will have a possibility of assistance in your own language.

4. Delayed, Lost Or Stolen Baggage

This is probably one of the worst nightmares of every traveller, especially that we hear about lost baggage all the time from our friends and colleagues.

Coverage for delayed bags will take care of returning them to you and you will get money for items that you needed to buy because of this delay.

Thanks to coverage for lost, stolen or damaged luggage, you will be reimbursed for new clothes and other necessary items, like toothpaste, a shampoo, or even a suitcase.

5. Natural Disaster And Weather Conditions

Imagine that you’ve spent all your savings on your trip to some tropical island and soon before your departure, your hotel gets damaged by a hurricane or there’s a big fire in the region and they can’t welcome tourists; you may have been planning a trip of your life to Alaska and they closed all the airports due to a snow storm.

You don’t want to lose that money, right? You will probably want to go somewhere else with it. Travel insurance protection for weather damage will help you with all that.

6. Lost Passport

Passport Case and Luggage Tag

You may get robbed and lose your documents, or you may simply misplace it. With the help of coverage for lost passports, the process of replacing it will be faster and you won’t get stuck.

7. Travel Agency Goes Bankrupt

These kinds of stories are viral. You go on holiday and while you’re away, you find out that your travel agency filed bankruptcy and no one is paying for your hotel, you don’t have a flight home and your money is gone.

Trip insurance that covers financial default will be able to cover all necessary expenses and get you home safely.

8. It May Be Mandatory

Some countries require tourists to have a kind of travel insurance. You don’t want to travel all the way just to discover that you can’t enter the country after they have checked your passport.

Also, other countries may reject your visa application because of your lack of insurance. So it’s better to check what are the rules of your desired destination place.

9. Car-Hire Troubles

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When you’re involved in an accident while driving a rental car, you will probably have to pay a significant amount, even if it wasn’t your fault.

You wouldn’t like something like that to ruin your holiday, right? Good travel insurance may cover all unexpected expenses and you will be able to enjoy your vacation.

10. Emergency Evacuation

Let’s say that you’re away hiking or climbing a mountain and something happens – you sprain your ankle, break a leg or the weather suddenly gets worse.

Thanks to medical evacuation coverage, you will get transportation and medical help, and you will pay much less than you would normally pay for that kind of emergency.

11. The Need For Emergency Assistance

Whether your train in France gets cancelled, or you’re stuck at the police station in Mexico, with emergency assistance service coverage, you will get the help of a professional who speaks your language.

If you’re planning a trip, you should at least think about all these reasons and consider buying yourself (and your family) travel insurance. You can never be safe enough, so maybe it’s worth it, even if only for your sanity’s sake?