5 Things That You Need To Ensure Healthy Hair Growth Aside From Hair Growth Shampoos

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Published on December 10th, 2020

While watching television, you stumbled upon a commercial break on a particular brand of hair growth shampoo.

Bewildered by its promising benefits, you went to buy it first-hand because you aspired to grow healthy hair. Days have already passed, and your hair’s condition isn’t getting better.

You remembered using this specific shampoo and decided to blame your hair growth product.

The majority of consumers would heavily rely on shampoos in keeping their hair long and healthy when, in fact, there are many things you have to use, do and consider to achieve this hair care goal. Shampoos may get their job well done, but it may not be sufficient for your hair care needs.

Why isn’t your hair growth shampoo enough for your tresses? What are the things you need to ensure that your hair is immaculate? Learn and follow some helpful tips on growing and maintaining healthy hair besides using shampoo products.

Why Your Hair Growth Shampoo Isn’t Enough

Everyone knows that shampooing is a must-do in every hair care regimen. Your hair growth shampoo primarily works as a cleansing product that eliminates all the extra dirt and oil residing on your pate.

If you skip shampooing, you may wake up having greasy hair and an itchy scalp the next day, which can cause hair growth issues.

However, providing a clean environment for your hair strands does not guarantee your hair’s healthy growth. Various factors, such as diet, lifestyle, and products, influence your hair count, density, and quality.

So, what must be done to increase your chance of growing healthy-looking locks? Check out five things every person needs to have to ensure healthy hair growth.

5 Things That You Need To Ensure Healthy Hair Growth Besides Shampoos

1. Vitamin C

Your lifestyle has a significant influence on hair growth. Constant exposure to harmful chemicals and harsh environments can trigger oxidative stress, causing free radicals to damage your hair follicles.

Vitamin C has efficacious antioxidant properties that can impede free radical formation and activity.

This water-soluble vitamin also encourages collagen production, which is also essential for healthy hair growth. To fight off these unwanted radicals, boost your vitamin C levels through your diet and hair growth products.

2. A Good Night’s Sleep

Regular and adequate sleep allows your hair follicles and cells to recuperate from getting back your hair’s healthy state. Sleep also augments melatonin production, a type of hormone that also affects your hair growth cycle.

Insufficient melatonin may hasten your hair’s growth process, forcing active follicles to rest and shed prematurely. Therefore, always have a six-to-eight-hour sleep so that you get to see your hair in its most glorious days.

3. The Right Hairbrush

Choosing the right hairbrush is crucial to avoid breaking your strands and irritating your scalp. With the most suitable hairbrush type, it’s easier to detangle your hair.

A good comb or brush must also have soft bristles to prevent scraping your scalp, roughening your hair cuticles, and decreasing your hair count.

4. Hair Growth Conditioners

Besides having a healthy diet and lifestyle, using a hair moisturizer is also essential to cancel out your shampoo’s drying effect.

Conditioners are also necessary to keep frizz at bay, making your hair softer and more manageable throughout the day.

5. Hair Growth Serums

If shampoo products are for cleansing and conditioners are for moisturizing, what about hair growth serums? People should use serums since these substances are made from potent ingredients that target specific hair growth issues.

Both conditioners and serums can also provide enough hydration for your hair, but unlike conditioners, you can easily apply serums on your hair’s surface for an instant fix.

Choosing the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Growth Need is the Right Thing to Do.

For people to survive, they need help from other people. It same goes for your hair. Shampoos won’t solely redeem your hair. However, selecting the right shampoo for your hair care needs can make a big difference.

Living a healthy lifestyle and using conditioners and serums are also vital to guarantee healthy hair growth. By choosing the best and doing the best that you can for your locks, your hair will never let you down.