How To Record High-Quality Voice Overs

Voice Overs

Published on September 23rd, 2020

Making videos is your regular thing, and then you might be very well aware of the voice-overs. Audio quality in a video is as important as the video part.

Audio becomes much more critical if you are into an explainer or informational and educational kind of video. Many of you might consider that audio is not that relevant in a video.

But in a recent study, TechSmith of video viewing habits said that 25% of video viewers continued watching the video because the audio quality was quite good.

It is mostly seen that good quality audio content is highly appreciated, even much more than a professional video. Audio quality not only makes the video good but also keeps the users engaged and entertained at the same time.

Let’s First Understand What A Voice-Over Is?

Voice Over is the voice that we usually hear in the video, which is not seen. It is entirely different from the narration. On the one hand, the narration is the storytelling session, whereas voice over can be anything and everything. Voice over is like providing additional content to the video in addition to what he is seeing.

Voice overs are commonly seen in almost all types of videos like – educational, instructional, and informational. At the same time, the narration is only seen in entertainment videos. When you look at the highly professional videos, you will find that they have a voice over typically by the professionals only.

Here we will help you understand what the significant elements are, which makes a voice over excellent.

Major Elements Which Make A Voice-Over Excellent –

Audio Quality – Audio quality comprises volume and clarity both. Your audio must be clear enough to be understood easily in the video. Else people might not be interested even to hear the audio. Similarly, your audio must have a reasonable volume. Make sure that you are neither too high and nor too low. Just try to be audible enough.

Vocal tone – Vocal tone must be soothing and pleasing to ears. The best way is to record your voice and then try to hear the same. Try to sound friendly and engaging. Don’t try to sound too harsh, which is not at all appreciated in the video.
Pronunciation – pronunciation must be crystal clear. All the words must be rightly said. Try to narrate and practice the script in front of the mirror and record and then listen.

Pacing – Make sure that the words which you are saying are neither too fast nor too slow. They have moderate speed, and then only they will sound audible and pleasing to ears. You can try an audio video converter, which will give you an idea of what kind of voice over is preferred.

With this, you will also understand that where you should pause your audio in the video so that it sounds better. Let’s have a look at how to record high-quality videos.

Detailed Guideline On How To Record High-Quality Video –

Find an apt Place – the very first step in recording a high-quality video is finding an apt place. You might have seen how a professional digital studio looks like. So, even if you can’t manage such a digital studio, at least go for a quiet room. Choose the one where the background noise is minimal and where you can easily concentrate.

Another way to find out if the room is apt for you is that close the gate and try to clap loudly. Hear the echo. It must be clear and loud. Try to speak loudly and clearly, record, and listen to it. Make sure that it is loud and clear.

Set up your equipment – It’s time to set up your gear at the correct place. Place your mic stand and microphone at the required location. In case you have any other equipment, then also place it in the right place.

Choose Audio Software – Market is flooded with much audio software. You can choose anyone as per your taste. There is much standalone software that performs equally well and can be the right choice. You can even come through several free recording options too. Choose the one which is preferred by you.

Be ready with a script – Having a script ready with you is one of the most critical matters. This will help you immensely for recording high-quality video. Try to cover every word to word conversation in the script. And make sure that before recording, your voice is clear.

Try testing your record once – Once everything is in place, it’s time to record your voice. This is the test record, and thus there is enough chance of mistakes here. This testing time is perfect even to test your equipment too. Make sure that the equipment is correctly placed and are sounding right at the same time.

Test the best Audio level – Make sure that you are testing the best audio level. If your audio level is proper, it will easily be heard and perfect for using it with the video—the measurement index of the audio level in decibels. The higher the decibel, the more elevated and more apparent will be the audio volume and quality.
Now, finally, your voice is ready to be recorded.
But before that, make sure that you follow the below given simple tips –

  • Speak every word clearly and easily. But make sure that you add your personal touch to it. Otherwise, the audio might sound like a robot and monotonous.
  • Don’t get nervous at any point in time if you mess up. There is always a scope to edit, and thus with an excellent audio editor, you can edit the parts you like.

The above given are some of the best ways to record high-quality audio. With the above techniques to add sound to the video will be hassle-free and smooth like never before. Let us know if you are aware of any other ways in the comments down below. We would love to hear back from you.