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Holistic Health Coach: The Career Change You Didn’t Know You Needed


May 20th, 2019   |   Updated on June 5th, 2020

There’s no shame in admitting you need a change in your life. And there’s even less shame in admitting that change needs to be part of your career. But what new career will you choose?

If you’re looking for a career in an industry on the rise and enjoy helping people live their best life, then consider becoming a holistic health coach.

More and more employers understand the importance of wellness. Wellness programs in companies are popping up like daisies.

This means that holistic health coaches are no longer regulated to the outskirts of therapy clientele.

There is a legitimate place within companies alongside sociologists and psychologists for holistic health coaches.

Keep reading to discover more about what a holistic health coach actually is and the best tips on how to be certified and succeed.


1. What Is A Holistic Health Coach?

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Think of it like this, a person going to the gym hires a personal fitness trainer. The fitness trainer helps their client to stay on track with their workout and to stay motivated. They will also help to adjust their workout routines and goals as their client advances.

A health coach is like a fitness trainer, but they are more concerned with your diet and nutrition. A health coach will help you develop a diet plan and educate about proper balanced nutrition.

A holistic health coach goes a step further than a health coach and looks at the person as a whole. This means they will assist with diets and nutrition as well as stress and time management, and mental wellness.

Now that you know what a holistic health coach is, the next step in how to become a holistic health coach is to choose a specialty.


2. Choosing A Specialty

The most important thing to remember about choosing a career as a holistic health coach is that it’s a career. Which means that you must take every advantage over the competition you can.

Being a holistic health coach means taking care of the person as a whole; however, having a specialization will help set you apart. You’ll be able to attract a certain type of clientele while providing services to a wider array of clients as well.

There Are Three Main Areas That Holistic Health Coaches Can Focus On.

  • Fitness – The coach acts more like a fitness trainer but is able to account for diet, nutrition, and help with anything which may hinder progress.
  • Nutrition – The coach is concerned more with diet and nutrition than anything else.
  • Physical – This is beyond physical fitness and can include such practices as chiropractors and acupuncture.

Choosing a specialty is entirely up to you. You can choose one based on the market saturation, the average earned income, or because you find it fascinating. Whatever the reason, it should at least be something you enjoy.

After all, you’re leaving one career for another, it wouldn’t be wise to choose one that made you feel the same way your current one does.


3. Certification

Once you’ve chosen a specialty, it’s time to get certified. Holistic health coach courses do not follow any form of a nationally standardized set of guidelines. You’ll need to do your research here.

A good place to start is to Google “how to become a holistic health coach.” Compare the courses that are available and choose from the ones with rigorous course work and reputable graduates.

Since you will be helping your clients live their best life, you can never receive enough training and instruction. A one or two-week crash course will not benefit anyone.

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll qualify for board certification and personal liability insurance.


4. Becoming A Holistic Health Coach

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Deciding to become a holistic health coach should not be a choice taken lightly. But, if you’ve found yourself needing a career change and enjoy helping people live their best lives, then this career is for you.

A holistic health coach helps their clients in all areas of their life concerning physical, nutritional, fitness, and mental wellness. They can help with diet plans, time and stress management, and develop workout routines.

Becoming a holistic health coach requires certification through programs which are reputable. It’s important to do your research in this area to get more information.

Being a holistic health coach can be one of the most rewarding careers available. Get ready for a journey wrought with compassion, kindness, and a desire to help everyone live their best life.