What Is Kratom And How Is It Useful?


December 18th, 2019   |   Updated on December 19th, 2019

Kratom is mined from Southeast Asia plant, which in Latin is called Mitragyna Speciosa. These trees are cultivated in Indonesia, India. A resulting powder has been used by local farmers to boost energy and vigor during a day.

Application Scope

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Kratom leaf contains alkaloids, the most valid the mitragynine component. Such a substance can effects you in two ways:

  • Bestow vitality and additionally induce the nervous system like caffeine (in small doses). An ability to concentrate improves drowsiness decreases by 2-5 hours.
  • To cause a calming and relaxing effect, work as an antidepressant (in large doses). It also slightly reduces pain sensitivity by 4-5 hours.

Besides, kratom tea has the ability to stimulate the human immune system. Alkaloids, which are found in high concentrations in kratom powder, can lower blood pressure, treat coughs and have an antioxidant effect (like green tea and dark chocolate).

Ways To Use

Traditionally, peasants chewed fresh leaves, made tea, or boiled tar. Modern manufacturers release this dietetic supplement in the capsules forms familiar to everyone.

Fine green origin plant powder without additives and harmful preservatives is sold in sports nutrition stores on a par with creatine or protein.

Medical Research


Several components action is close to opioids use, therefore, in some countries (Russia, Turkey, some European Union members), a supplement is prohibited.

But there are no accurate studies that would prove that the supplement is addictive or negatively affects the human body.

But many people taking it as a biologically active food supplement noted that the medicament relieves the hangover symptoms, improves immunity and stabilizes blood pressure.

The substance also helps alleviate drug-addicted patient’s conditions who are trying to recover from cocaine or heroin addiction.

Some have successfully replaced herbal remedies with artificial painkillers, which are sold on prescription. Overdose cases were considered separately.

It was indicated that the poisoning was conditioned not by kratom, but by poor-quality additives. This is an unscrupulous manufacturer’s fault.

Therefore, when buying, be sure to pay attention to quality certificates. Also, professional athletes and bodybuilders who need a lot of energy in the gym took note of a natural remedy. Kratom permits you to train more efficiently.

What About Legalization?

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In the United States, the FDA has once tried to classify the substance as drugs and prohibit its free sale (in Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, and eight other states, the ban was implemented).

But due to the lack of enough studies number confirming the negative food additives impact on people, this law has not entered into force.

Also, several hundred Americans signed a petition against the taboo on kratom. They noticed that if you use a herbal supplement in reasonable amounts, like any other one, then there will only benefit.


The kratom available effects vary depending on:

  • The country of growth
  • The leaf collection season
  • The processing and storage method
  • The methods and duration of applying

The most common options for action are general toning and relaxing the body, improving mood. Advanced users recommend drinking a herb decoction with lemon or honey to make it look more like regular tea.

Manufacturers have developed several options for the use: tea, capsules, tablets. The capsules composition also differentiates relying on the purpose (the main types are red, white, green).

The active substances concentration is selected individually for each goal. Choose a medicament that meets your needs and follow the instructions for use. In this case, the effect will exceed your expectations.