5 Drugs That Can Have A Noticeable Impact On Your Sexual Health


October 14th, 2019   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2020

SEX! No matter how much we read about it, talk about it, or hear about it, it still remains a tabu topic for the majority of people.

Once we add the word “drugs”, the things tend to skyrocket to a whole new level. Never the less, we are here to take a closer look at the 5 sexual drugs that can have a noticeable impact on one’s sexual health.

Every person deals with sex in a different way. Some are naturally more sexual than others and there are also many individuals facing real sexual health problems.

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Of course, there are many physical health issues out there, but we want to focus on mental-obstacle related sexual problems.

A lot of sexually active adults face a whole variety of problems and issues when it comes to sex. The majority of those problems have a lot to do with low confidence and poor self-esteem.

Even though the times have changed quite a lot, and sex has become less of a mystery and useful information can be found in books and online, yet there is something in our nature that often makes us overthink and overcomplicate sexual situations and the sex itself.

For those, drugs, of course, if used in a non-abusive way, can help them overcome the barriers they are facing in their sex life and help them improve their sexual health.

Nowadays, drugs are more accessible than ever before, that is why we decided to take a closer look at the five drugs that are most often used to combat sexual health issues.

Most of them are legal in many countries across the globe and can be purchased easily.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All drugs can have an extremely negative impact on your mental and physical condition, as such it is very important to consume only small quantities and good-quality substances obtained from a reputable and trustworthy provider.

1. Alcohol


Most of us know this drug all too well. Alcohol, if consumed in the appropriate amount, can lead to a better sexual experience.

Alcohol helps us relax and silence those countless thoughts that run through our brain when completely sober.

The interesting part is that the alcohol actually has a negative impact on your physical sexual activity but its suppression of psychological inhibitions is what you might be after.

As such it is extremely important not to drink too much, 2-3 standard unit drinks should be the limit.

2. Cannabis


Marijuana is not legalized to the same point as alcohol, yet more and more states/countries make it legal for personal use.

It can be consumed in all sorts of ways, most popular are by smoking a joint or consuming a “happy” brownie or cookie.

Aside from many other scientifically proven health beneficial effects of this natural drug, it definitely has the ability to help you overcome your sexual hurdles.

Cannabis can have a similar effect as alcohol in silencing our thought and help us approach sex with a bit of humor which absolutely makes things litter.

Further, the latest studies have shown than women who consume marijuana regularly, have 2.1 higher odds of achieving satisfactory orgasms.

They have also reported that women who “get high” before the intercourse have higher sex drives and fell less pain during sex.

When it comes to men, getting too high can affect one’s ability to obtain a proper erection. As such, marijuana (the same as alcohol) can be a double-edged sword.

As with alcohol, it must be consumed in reasonable quantities and obtained from a trustworthy provider, as there are many poor-quality and even pesticide-full products circulating the market that you should avoid.

3. Poppers

Poppers stand for a variety of chemically psychoactive drugs called alkyl nitrites.

They can be purchased in almost every sex shop as well as poppers for sale online and are normally consumed by sticking it to your nose and taking a deep and explosive breath in.

They work very quickly, providing an almost instant high that can help you relax and make a sexual experience more pleasant.

Physically they dilate the blood vessels causing light-headedness and increased heart pressure. They also relax the anal sphincter which definitely makes it a go-to drug to facilitate anal sex. As such, it is no surprise that it is most popular among gay men.

There can be many negative side effect to using poppers, headaches, increased intraocular pressure, an allergic reaction just to name a few, so make sure to go easy on it.

4. Viagra

sexual drug

If you are a man and are facing erectile dysfunction (ED) problems, then viagra, also known as sildenafil, will definitely solve your problems.

Despite the fact that is mostly used by men, it also has a very powerful effect on women. In both cases, it increases blood flow to genitals and improves sex drive.

Viagra is normally a prescription pill, however, there are ways to get it under the counter as well. Quantity matters and it is advisable to start off by taking half of the pill.

5. Ecstasy

Among the listed 5 drugs this one is the most controversial. It is not legal anywhere in the world for a reason.

However, it can help with one’s sexual health. In contrast with alcohol and cannabis which are “downers”, ecstasy is an “upper” and will also give you a lot more energy, It will also enhance your senses, which can make the sex truly unique.

There are many emissions and side products in ecstasy pills circling the market, The safest way to go around it is to purchase pure MDMA powder, which is then dissolved in water and slowly consumed.

We really hope you’ve learned a new thing or two about the options for improving your sexual health. If you do decide to go down that road, let us warn you again to use drugs safely, with extra caution and care.


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