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How Internet Use Has Affected Human Relationships

Human Relationships

June 21st, 2019   |   Updated on February 17th, 2023

In the recent past, there have been a magnificent change and many inventions in the electronics industry. For instance, technology and the applications used in phones have become more advanced. Additionally, internet speeds have increased.

Consequently, there has been a change in the way people communicate with each other. Advanced smartphone and fast computers are devices that people use daily.

People are also increasingly embracing internet use regardless of where they live. Therefore, this article discusses the impacts of the internet on human relations.

Humans have become more sophisticated by the acquisition of technological devices as a luxury, to appear more modernized, and to make their lives more convenient. Looking to get a new device why not check out Nowloan who can help you to afford the cost of these devices

The internet and technology, in general, have become a sort of addiction for people. Young people are socializing on social media, and children are using the internet to play video games and searching for essay writer services.

People spend several hours surfing the internet to grow own business, SERP Co digital marketing help brands grow using the internet. Some are using it for research while a bigger chunk of the population using the internet for entertainment purposes.

Instead of being a complementary part of the social interactions, the internet has taken over, and most people are finding it hard to have meaningful face-to-face communication. Here are some of the negative impacts of the internet and how to control them.

1. Strain In Family Relations

Today, family members mainly communicate by sending emails and messages on social media. As a result, people spend less time talking to the members of their families on a face-to-face basis.

Without proper physical interaction, people no longer develop non-verbal cues.

As a result, there are conflicts and social awkwardness when people meet physically because they no longer have the etiquette that people need to have when physically talking to each other.

The remedy, in this case, is that families should have rules as to the times the technological devices should be used.

There should be times when people should leave alone their phones and talk to each other. That can be a nice way to mend the strained relationship and create time for the family members to learn etiquette.

Otherwise, the internet can also be a nice platform where better family relations can be created. For instance, the families should have groups where they provide support for each other during hard times like job losses, educate each other on better family living and be a source of solace for the members who may be feeling depressed. With such measures, the use of the internet can be more useful.

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2. Addiction To The Internet

People do not like being bored. As a result, they use the internet for entertainment purposes. However, things spiral out of control as they spend most of their time on the online platforms.

Families breakdown because people no longer communicate while others lose their jobs because they are not serious with their places of work.

Excess internet use is not psychologically healthy, especially if most of the time spent on the internet is dedicated to playing highly addictive competitive video games such as Rainbow Six Siege.

The way you get addicted to those kind of games is by having to grind and work hard in order to achieve a higher spot in the ranking ladder, which very quickly becomes addictive and some would even say it becomes a matter of proving self-worth.

One of the ways to combat that addiction is to limit your time in front of the screen, not playing such competitive games, or by simply using a rainbow six siege boosting service that will get you a higher rank without the need to play all those long hours to get the rank you desire. ”

3. Cases Of Depression And Loneliness

On social media platforms, people have many friends. Most of these friends are far. Because, you may talk to them daily, people have a false sense of security that they have real friends out there.

However, it is when one can no longer have access to these virtual friends that they notice just how lonely they are. With that realization, people become stressed. It can even get to a point where one contemplates suicide.

The solution is for people to know how to balance online and offline interactions. As much as those whom you interact with online provide entertainment, it is important to know the people that live in your neighborhood.

The people around you can offer assistance in times of distress.

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4. Inadequate Conflict Resolution Skills

Human Relationships

When people interact on online platforms, they are mostly away from each other. When they are unable to reach an agreement, or one party becomes angry, they log out without agreeing on the way forward.

That means that people run away from solving the problems that arise between them.

As a result, people no longer know how to solve the conflicts that come up as they interact. That is not good for societal growth because people may resort to violence.

It is important for people to learn how to interact online, but at the same time, get ways of coming up with solutions in case they cannot agree on an issue.

As much as the internet is good, people should limit the hours they spend there. There is a need to devote more time for physical interactions. Humans should grow wholesomely and learn how to relate to each other.

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