Know About Fuel Cards A Complete Guide For Business

Fuel Cards

Published on March 9th, 2020

The fuel card is a vehicle expense payment solution that facilitates fuel management, increases cash flow, and optimizes replacement times for more efficient, integrated and smart mobility.

What if it’s easier and safer when filling? Have you ever thought how this can provide a more productive routine?

Fuel cards are a flexible way to pay for fuel and other vehicle services that facilitate inventory replacement and vehicle management. In this post you will find out all the benefits offered by fuel cards.

What’s the fuel card for?

Inventory card

With a fuel card, you fill up your car without worrying about saving on bills to ask for a refund after each trip or at the end of the month.

It makes the supply of vehicles more practical and nimble, for more productive routines and smarter and more comfortable mobility.

In addition to paying to fill the tank, there are models that allow you to use your fuel card balance to pay for other vehicle services, such as car washing, various types of maintenance, 24-hour assistance in the event of an accident or damage, and even to use car sharing services.

Fuel cards, if chosen properly, can offer integrated solutions that optimize your mobility and facilitate management of various types of travel costs.

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How do fuel cards facilitate vehicle management?

Managing vehicles from any organization is a fundamental activity to maintain the company’s business speed on time and to respect the work conditions of employees.

This expenditure management needs to be done simply and quickly, to achieve the productivity a manager wants for himself and his team.

Fuel cards are a facility for your employees to pay for transportation costs and, at the same time, centralize all information in your management system, enabling inventory management in real time.

Tracking all employee costs comprehensively is crucial for effective financial control. As such, no information is known and complete monitoring of vehicle performance helps avoid unnecessary expenses – and even fraud!

Automating the process and centralizing payments at one supplier results in time and security benefits, which means more availability and comfort for the driver.

Managing vehicles using fuel cards is an integrated and strategic way that gives managers the opportunity to carry out strategic data analysis, reduce risk and improve company results.

How is it possible to save with a fuel card?

Which fuel card facilitates expense management, you might already know. But have you ever thought if you could use it to cut costs too? For this, it is possible to create rules and provide parameters to control card usage, tracking all payments to avoid extraordinary expenses. Having this control reduces inventory management costs.

There are other ways to make savings with fuel cards: optimize your time and improve vehicle performance. In it you can consult the best fuel for your vehicle and quickly find the nearest gas station.

With this integrated solution in the palm of your hand, finding the cheapest and most suitable fuel whenever you need it is much simpler.

When choosing the most complete fuel card, you must take into account:

  • The structure available for your use;
  • What integrated solutions does it have;
  • The services that the fuel card can pay for;
  • What management resources does it enable;
  • The mobile features that the system provides;

When referring to the structure that the fuel card contains, we speak of the scope that the card covers in terms of territory, the market experience and the accredited network that accepts payment with the card.