How Technology Helps You Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyles

April 16th, 2020   |   Updated on January 16th, 2023

Staying connected with up-to-date technology is currently trendy for most of us.

Now, it’s hard to imagine our lives without voice assistants like Siri or Alexa that remind us about our scheduled meeting with a boss or a friend.

But technology doesn’t only help us arrange our daily tasks. It also comes in handy for us to be more healthy and improve our well-being.

So, how can technology influence our healthy lifestyles?

How Technology Helps You Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

There are many healthy living technology that will be at your disposal to build a user-friendly fitness app.

IoT, wearables, virtual reality, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. are widely used in software development for the healthcare industry.

But some of these technologies are more popular among developers for creating healthcare apps. And artificial intelligence is one of them.

According to the Frost & Sullivan report, the AI use in the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 40% or $6.6 billion in 2021.

So, how can you improve your healthy lifestyle?

The answer to this question is evident. Just download a healthcare app on your smartphone and enjoy fitness exercises! Here is our list of nine healthcare apps, handpicked for you.

1. Oura Ring

Oura Ring is a small gadget that measures your sleeping body activity.

This device not only tracks the phases of your sleep but also your circadian rhythms that include mental, physical, and behavioral changes completed during a day.

Oura Ring generates data from its feature – heart sensor rate – and gives personalized suggestions when it’s better to go to sleep and wake up. The key idea of this app is to help you change your daily habits and improve your health.

2. 23andMe

23andMe is one of the most successful ventures in genetic tests.

Last year, it collected 9 million test samples and identified possible exposure risks to 10 genetic diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Also, 23andMe gives recommendations for physical activity and eating habits.

3. FoodMarble AIRE

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With FoodMarble AIRE, you’ll determine how much hydrogen you have in your breath and how your body digests food in real-time.

This device works like a breathalyzer that measures the alcohol level in the blood. level of alcohol. Some foods that are not perceived by the body cause an accumulation of gas in the intestines.

This gas, in particular, enters the bloodstream, and then through the lungs comes out and here can be measured by the AIRE device.

The system defines the presence of hydrogen and then sends the results to the app where users can see what eating habits they should change.

4. Endomondo

Endomondo Sports Tracker is one of the most effective fitness applications that helps users organize a training process and monitor their fitness results. This program gives you tips on how to boost your sports activity.

With Endomondo, you can track the dynamics of your progress, do physical exercises with your friends, set fitness goals and achieve them.

The service, with which the Endomondo mobile application is synchronized, provides various opportunities.

At you can view and analyze the results of your training sessions, find out what competitions will be held in your area in the near future, and create and plan options for your training sessions.

5. LoveMySkin

LoveMySkin creates a map of your human body that shows you where you need to remove moles.

The app has an easy-to-use ABCD table (A – asymmetry, B – borders, C – color, D – diameter), that distinguishes dangerous moles from non-dangerous ones. Besides, LoveMySkin demonstrates how the mole has been changed.

If you want to remove a mole on your body, but you have some doubts whether it’s a mole, you can mark it as “mark as a concern” on the app. But you need to bear in mind that visiting a doctor is a must for this occasion.

6. Zyrtec AllergyCast

Zyrtec AllergyCast mobile app is designed specifically for people who are allergic to pollen.

This tool measures the content of allergenic pollen in the air (and its various types sends alarming notifications when its level becomes dangerously high Such functionality allows you to note symptoms and assess your daily conditions for the day.

Zyrtec AllergyCast does not just count the amount of pollen in the air, it shows how the person will feel.

7. uHear

Hearing problems threaten all age groups (the creators of uHear give unexpected statistics: 65% of people under 65 experience them). That’s why it’s essential to monitor your hearing abilities from time to time.

By using uHear, you’ll find out whether you hear well or not after passing 6-minute tests to pass a test that determines how you hear the quietest sound and recognize a noisy speech.

8. Water Balance

Drinking the norm of water every day is very, very important. If you have problems with this, we suggest taking a look at the Water Balance app, which can help you. Water Balance is an application that aims to solve this problem.

With it, you can calculate the rate of water, keep records and learn a lot of useful tips and tricks about the water balance.

Water Balance has many useful tips. After reading them, you will get more useful information about water and, perhaps, you will begin to correctly evaluate its significance for the body.

9. QuitNow!

This application was developed in order to motivate a person to quit smoking.

It does not just track how much you do not smoke but draws up a report based on the data you entered, and accurately indicates the amount of money that you saved.

Also at QuitNow! Health indicators are provided based on WHO (World Health Organization as part of the UN) data, as well as a list of achievements that support your determination to achieve your goal, which you will discover one at a time.

Technology made a nudge in improving our healthy lifestyles. In our article, we mentioned some healthcare apps that changed the way of practicing sports and diagnosing diseases.

So, will the future belong to technology? It’s possible to say so.

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