Does Medicine Without Evolution Make Sense?

Does Medicine Without Evolution Make Sense

Published on November 14th, 2019

Everything is moving forward. Thanks to medicine, the world has become a better place. Right now, people can live much longer. Almost 200 years ago, women in their forties were considered old.

Right now, there is nothing that 40 years old lady can’t do. In fact, more and more women these days decide to give birth at this age. It is possible only thanks to medical advances of the decade.

The best thing is that medical progress does not stand still. Only in the past ten years, scientists learned how to clone human stem cells, treat HIV with the daily cocktail pill, and do face transplants.

Also, now doctors are able to perform heart surgeries, print body organs, create the bionic eye and cure hepatitis C. These days, there is even something like synthetic urine –quick fix plus that Americans use to pass a drug test at work.

All these medical improvements help to save the lives of millions of people every single day! The most exciting thing is that future generations will have even more advanced medicine since sky is the only limit!

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Medicine Without Evolution


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