Top 4 Mediterranean Marinas For Sailors

Porto Montenegro Montenegro-min-min

May 20th, 2019   |   Updated on May 21st, 2019

Sailors will know that there are thousands of ports and marinas around the world, with many of them renowned for having a charming and unique history. There are undoubtedly some that are more iconic than others, however, whether this is due to their history or the spectacular scenery that surrounds them.

With this in mind, choosing which marinas to visit when travelling across the globe can be an extremely challenging pastime. However, it’s important to select wisely and plan your journey in detail, as this help you to tailor your insurance coverage when shopping with service providers such as Gallagher.

In this post, we’ll look at four of the top Mediterranean marinas for sailors and ask what makes them so unique?


1. Marina Grande, Capri

Marina Grande Capri-min-min

We start on the beautiful island of Capri, which is reportedly home to the most expensive and lavish marina in the world.

Boasting a genuine sense of opulence and exclusivity, this is also one of the most popular marinas in the world, and this means that berthing will need to be arranged a number of months in advance.

This marina is certainly one of the most picturesque locations in the world, as it nestles amongst striking cliff faces and a series of uniquely colourful buildings. The surrounding town and its range of luxury accommodations also add a unique dimension to the experience, and there’s certainly plenty to enjoy is you head onto the shores.


2. The Marina di Porto, Sardinia

The Marina di Porto Sardinia-min-min

Next up is the world’s second-most expensive marina, the Marina di Porto is located on the northern tip of Sardinia on the iconic Costa Smerelda.

This location features up to 50 superyacht berths, and it’s generally easier and cheaper to book a space here than it is when visiting the Marina Grande.

Interestingly, this location is renowned for its nightlife and part atmosphere, whilst the beguiling and surrounding natural beauty provides a wonderful sight-seeing experience for those who prefer the quiet life.


3. Puerto Banús, Marbella

Puerto Banús Marbella-min-min

The Puerto Banús is firmly established as an iconic location for luxury yachts, and this reputation makes it a preferred destination for sailors nationwide.

It’s certainly a popular location for the wealthy, and with more than 900 berths across a total of 150,000 square metres there’s ample opportunity for people to book a space so long as they move quickly.

The select clientele that berth here certainly make this location a hotspot amongst sailing enthusiasts, whilst the marina is also enriched and protected by the stunning Sierra de Marbella mountain range.


4. Porto Montenegro, Montenegro

Porto Montenegro Montenegro-min-min

We finish with the Porto Montenegro, which is set in the gorgeous UNESCO-protected Bay of Kotor.

This is set against a truly stunning natural backdrop, which is defined by a truly diverse landscape and extensive stretches of sun-kissed coastline and mountain peaks.

This is certainly one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful marinas, whilst is also far more accessible than the others on our list. Sailors should also note that the marina is in close proximity to a retail and entertainment village, which boasts several bars, designer boutiques and residences.