The Difference Between A Medium And A Psychic 101

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Published on July 16th, 2020

Some of us seem to be born with psychic abilities, or perhaps that’s “special intuition.”

Consider a time when you just knew something was wrong, and you were right! How does that work?
What about a mother’s intuition!

Can anyone disagree without any doubt when a mom says she just knows somethings wrong with her child?

We all have intuition, but some people operate on a higher level, they’re more tuned in to it.

At these times, we use the terms medium and psychic, but what do they mean, are they interchangeable, can you be one but not the other, or both?

What’s A Psychic?

The well-known phrase “all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums” goes some way in answering those questions.

A psychic is believed to have the ability to gain insights into our past, present and future by either tuning into our Aura (energy field), or by reading Tarot cards, Cartomancy (similar to Tarot reading but with regular playing cards), or Palmistry (reading our palm).

The psychic uses our energy to offer alternative possibilities but never guaranteed predictions. It’s more a guidance service, an exploration into your potential.

You will find many different services on offer, such as Love Readings psychics, career reading, and health readings, etc. Whichever type of psychic you choose to use, they provide you with a reading based on your questions and energy, not on the tools they use to provide the answers.

What’s A Medium?

A medium is believed to be a channel whom the deceased can contact the living through; in essence, they connect with the spirit world. So, a medium is a psychic, but with the ability to go beyond using our questions and energy to provide alternative future possibilities, this type of medium is known as a spiritual medium.

Unlike a psychic, a medium doesn’t focus on or talk about the living person. They only speak of the deceased and should require no input of information to provide detailed evidence regarding the person to whom they claim to be in contact with.

They connect with the spirit world by blending their energy with the deceased’s energy (also called our soul). It’s believed that they can both feel, hear, and communicate with the dead by using clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance.

There are several different types of practice to be found throughout the world, including Trance, Ouija, and Séance tables. Mediumship has also been associated with a range of religious believes, like Spiritism, Voodoo, Umbanda, Vodun, Candomblé, and Shamanism.


History records show that we have been using psychics and mediums to provide guidance and reassurance for over three thousand years. Both provide a service that many people find reassuring and often bring about peace of mind to those in need.

However, there are distinct differences between a psychic and a medium. If you’re considering using any of the services that they offer, you should first do your research to ensure you’re using the one best suited to your needs.