Motivate Your Child Towards Better Oral Care

Child Towards Better Oral Care

Published on June 4th, 2019

A Dental Practise For Your Munchkins:

Brushing twice a day is important for kid’s dental care. It is very important to teach good habits for children, so as to stay healthy. One of them is good oral care. To teach the child any good habit, the first parent has to be a good role model. Any habit to be cultivated is not an easy task. It has to be taught in a fun way, without letting the child know that it is his duty to be performed.

You Can Keep In Mind The Following Points For Your Munchkins:


  • A parent should get anew and novelty of a new toothbrush for a child. It can be shopped along with the child to get his favorite color or design. This simple task motivates a lot to a child to start a new activity. Also, pick up his favorite toothpaste with flavor that he likes.
  • Make brushing a game involving both the parents together. Brushing should minimum continued for 2 minutes and for twice a day. Make a chart to check the regularity. Every time a child brushes his or her teeth, they should be rewarded by any form or appreciated.
  • Take your child to a best pediatric dentist nearby, show him tooth models and how the cavity is formed with left out food particles.
  • When the child is around 6 months old they start getting their 1st tooth, in market silicon toothbrush are available where parents finger is inserted in it and brushed the child’s tooth.
  • A pediatric dentist is experienced and qualified to care child’s dental care more accurately.

Teach the child the importance of brushing and make him aware of problems that arise when not brushed properly.

Formation of plaque, cavities that could lead to painful root canal treatment, extraction of a tooth, dislocation of teeth, discoloration of teeth, etc. Through this may be child could learn good oral hygiene. There are many games online for children that teach brushing in a playful way.

A child should be taught to rinse his mouth every time after he eats food, especially when he eats sugary food or sweets. Along with brushing, flossing of your teeth is equally important.

Some food particles are left even after brushing your teeth in between the gaps of your teeth, which can be removed through flossing only.

During brushing one can sing a song or tell a story or make a child see a video. Once a habit is cultivated later it will be a routine for a child.

Its parent’s responsibility to get the child this oral hygiene by being a good role model. Parents should regularly check the child’s teeth, smile, speech, and report it to the child’s dentist.

Choose the children dentist nearby to your residence so that you can easily and regularly visit it in your busy schedule.

A child may avoid brushing due to many reasons like they are too lazy to get up and brush early in the morning or would not like a foreign body that is toothbrush to enter in their mouth as that may cause the feeling of nausea.

Sometimes brushing might be leading to sensitivity or painful. There might be many reasons for a child to not brush, parents should maintain patience and find the root cause of a problem, which can be solved by parents itself or by children dentist.

Common sign for rejecting brushing is showing temper tantrums at that time. One can also get a battery operated toothbrush with cartoon characters embossed on it, to make brushing an easier and playful task.

In the market, even electric toothbrushes are too available which are very attractive. After every 3 months change the toothbrush of your child, get a new one for more excitement and healthy oral hygiene.

Show a child various advertisement of toothbrushes and toothpaste as they the best influencer. Involve your child in talks with other siblings about dental care or brushing.

An elder sibling or a friend are the best teacher or motivator. Never punish or scold your child for brushing as it will create hatred for brushing for a lifetime.

Brushing habit practice should be done at the right time at an early age, it will help to make it a habit fast. Brushing your teeth before bedtime is more important than brushing after waking up, as more chances of food particles sticking to the tooth.