Savvy Predictions For The 2020 Season

NFL Mock Draft

Published on March 19th, 2020

The NFL Draft is on the horizon, which means that there are plenty of 2020 NFL mock draft boards online waiting to be read and picked apart.

While every mock draft is a bit different, there are a few picks that seem like sure-things at the moment that are worth discussing.

We’re going to break down those picks, as well as tell you what teams are going to be dangerous this upcoming season.

Now then, let’s get started!

The Year Of The Quarterback

When it comes to the NFL Draft, fans are often excited to see which teams are going to draft a quarterback early.

And while there’s always a quarterback or two drafted early, there’s a good chance that three will be taken within the first five picks this year.

If things go like we think they will, you can see the following happen at the 2020 NFL Draft:

  • Joe Burrow to the Cincinnati Bengals with the first pick
  • Tua Tagovailoa to the San Diego Chargers with the third pick
  • Justin Herbert to the Miami Dolphins with the fifth pick

Excited about seeing Tagovailoa play in San Diego? You can see the former Crimson Tide member play live if you get Chargers tickets here.

Chase Young Makes An Impact Early

While quarterbacks are fun to talk about, everyone knows that in the NFL, championships are won in the trenches.

And when it comes to defensive linemen in this year’s draft, nobody shows as much promise as Ohio State’s Chase Young.

Young should go second in the draft, behind Burrow, to the Washington Redskins. The NFL Draft isn’t the only place he’ll make an early impact either, as he’ll be a popular pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2020.

The Ravens Win Big This Off-Season

One of the most exciting teams to watch in the 2019 season was the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens just barely missed the Super Bowl, breaking the hearts of many with their loss to the Titans in the playoffs.

With a good off-season, the Ravens should be even better in 2020, meaning they’re an early favorite to win the entire thing this year.

The good news for Ravens fans? They should win big this off-season if things go according to plan.

The Ravens have already scored Calais Campbell this spring. They should draft a few more defenders this spring, shoring up their defense and making them a much more complete team in 2020.

2020 NFL Mock Draft Rumors: A Breakdown

Well, there you have it! That is a breakdown of some of the biggest 2020 NFL mock draft rumors that are going around at the moment!

As you can see, we’re set up for another exciting draft this year. The quarterback class is strong, especially at the top, making next year’s season that much more exciting to think about.

If you like defense, don’t feel left out, as there are quite a few elite defenders avaliable, too. And teams like the Ravens and the 49ers should draft some of those defenders early on, giving both teams a shot at a Super Bowl win.

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