4 Essential Online Safety Tips For Your Kids

Parental Guide: Essential Online Safety For Your Kids

Published on April 2nd, 2020

Kids have too big of an imagination that it can never be contained. During our times, we only had art and craft at our disposal; however, Kids nowadays have an array of toys ranging from computers, tablets to mobile phones.

It’s from these gadgets that kids get to play and learn new things.

The world is changing and technology is the driving force behind this change, therefore, kids need to be kept abreast and made to understand the pros and cons that come with the internet.

This will enable them to recognize opportunity as well as be in a position to tackle different online challenges.

Below are a few tips that parents and guardians should use to make sure their kids are safe while online and use technology in a manner that benefits them;

1. Take Interest

As a parent, you need to be always present in your child’s life. This starts by taking an interest in everything they do both online or offline.

Join your kids as they watch their favourite shows and plays on YouTube and laugh along at the silly little cartoons. This will ease the communication and make them be more open.

Teach them good online practices such as browsing from a safe internet connection and keeping online bullies at bay. Ensure you know all your kid’s favourite websites and why they are drawn to them.

2. Embrace Technology

It’s the negative side of the internet that is always highlighted on the news. Online evils such as cybercrimes, pornography, hate speech and other scary stories targeted towards kids sometimes get parents worried.

It’s important to note that the internet has brought with it so many positives that outweigh the negatives.

The internet has enhanced learning and play in kids. We live in a digital world that experiences advancement in almost all areas of life.

It’s therefore good to make sure that our kids aren’t left behind and they use technology in a way that it enriches their lives.

3. Remember, You’re The Parent

At the end of the day, all duties and responsibilities of protecting your kid lie on you.

You are in charge of setting boundaries to all the online activities that your kid engages in.

Use YouTube monitor to view all the videos that your kid has watched at the end of the day.

This will keep you updated on all that your kid was up to.

Consider using parental controls such as Famisafe to filter software and bar content that is potentially harmful to your kids.

4. Enlighten Kids About Privacy

It’s vital to teach your kids anonymity while on the internet. They shouldn’t give any names, ID, location or any personal details to strangers.

Teaching them about privacy will let them know that not all the ‘friends’ they meet online are friends in real life.

Remind them that not everything that is seen or read online should be taken as the gospel truth.

More than ever, internet trolls hiding behind their keyboards waiting to prowl and harass their next would-be victims.