Recovery Tips From The Top ENT Clinic For Otoplasty Ear Surgery In Singapore

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June 18th, 2019   |   Updated on March 3rd, 2020

In case you have had an otoplasty surgery, you have to follow a few simple rules to nudge you along the road of recovery. All that you need to keep in mind about recovery after otoplasty Singapore, all that you need to do is read the following post.

1. Avoid Rubbing And Touching

Keep in mind that you have just had your cosmetic ear surgery to give you the perfect contour for the ear that you always were on the lookout for. You will go under general anesthesia and wake up confused. The ears might itch as well.

However, keep in mind that under no circumstances are you supposed to rub or touch your ears after the procedure. This goes for the first couple of weeks where you must exercise caution performing even the most menial of jobs around the house or outdoors.

2. The Headband Is A Must For Setback Otoplasty

If you have had setback otoplasty, then it is imperative that you have your headband on at all times. The headband will cover your head seven days after your operation, once the bulky bandage is removed.

These headbands are highly efficient protective gear to cover the ears and keep them in place after a cosmetic surgery where setting in is essential.

However, it is not permanent, and you only need to wear the headband for a week or two according to your surgeon’s recommendation.

3. Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking

If possible, quit the habit altogether using the operation as the excuse. If not, stop till you heal. Research has revealed that smoking affects healing and lowers cell growth. Keep smoking to a minimum for up to a month after you have had your surgery.

4. There Might Be Discharge

Don’t panic if you observe some discharge coming out of your ear. This is pretty normal, and most users have experienced ear drainage and fluids after otoplasty surgery.

The liquid is generally thick and red-tinged. All you need to make sure is that the drainage doesn’t flow back into the ear canal. If the flow is excessive, do consult your surgeon.

5. Head Elevation Is A Must

After you have had your otoplasty surgery, it is crucial to keep your head high and elevated. This will reduce swelling, which is the natural step for any healing process to take place in the human body. Avoid work that required you to bend over.

6. Avoid Scratching

This is especially true for the incision lines. The incision lines can itch a lot but it is essential that you avoid scratching at them and risking injury, damage, and bleeding. Let the affected areas heal automatically and do not scratch off the regenerating skin.

7. Say No To Outdoor Activities And Sun Exposure

Keep in mind that you need to keep your outdoor activities to a bare minimum, and it is vital that you avoid sun and heat exposure. This will also prevent skin hyperpigmentation.

Keep in mind all of the tips mentioned above to have a quicker healing and a successful road to recovery after otoplasty surgery.

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