5 Advantages Of Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

March 30th, 2021   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

Insurance coverage, car, health, home, and so on; often at the first glance for many people may sound like a needless expense, till unforeseen happens. Similar is with pet insurance, which actually works almost the same as your own health insurance policy.

You purchase a policy that covers certain medical expenses, you pay monthly premiums, and you receive benefits that kick in once your annual expenses have reached the annual deductible amount. To have a better understanding of pet insurance, maybe it’s better to understand its advantages.

1. Simpler Billing

You are most likely familiar with the way that medical bills for your health insurance work, or at least how convoluted and complex it is.

For pets, it is very straightforward. Most often your insurance provider doesn’t pay the vet directly but reimburses you the bills. This is also an area where companies are the most competitive, both when it comes to amounts and the speed of reimbursements.

These reimbursements can also be where you can make the biggest error when shopping for a policy. Some providers offer policies with as little as 25% reimbursement, and some have tiered insurance packages, like nationwide pet insurance that go up to 90%.

2. No Out Of Network Vets

Because of this type of billing, for the majority of pet insurance providers problem of out-of-network vet clinics does not exist.

Pet insurance companies generally do not negotiate or pay directly the medical care providers. So you have the freedom to use services from the vet of your choice.

3. Provide Care When Needed

It often happens that your pet suddenly needs a very expensive procedure. Especially the life-saving emergency medical care.

In such situations, bills and expenses can start very quickly pilling up. It is not uncommon that your pet will require multiple visits to the vet, in a very short period.

Instead of postponing the scheduled treatments or tests, you will be able to provide them the medical care they need, when they need it, and not once you can afford it.

4. Safety Net

In the situation that the owner is unable to afford the life-saving medical care for their pet, very often they decide to euthanize them. This is often called “economic euthanasia”, because it is performed for economic reasons, and not to ease the suffering of the pet.

Pet insurance will save you from having to make such a decision. It will provide you with a safety net and free you of the need to decide whether to incur the debt on yourself or withhold the medical help your pet needs.

5. Peace Of Mind

Knowing that no matter what the future may bring you will have a way to provide all the needed medical care for your pet is something that can help you sleep at night more easily.

You can be certain that no unfortunate events will force you to choose between your finances and your pet’s well-being.

Also, it will allow you to concentrate on choosing the medical care for your pet that will provide the most benefits, instead of which will cost the least.

Whether you are looking to make the financially most reasonable decision or how to provide the best medical care for your pet once they need it, getting pet insurance has advantages that benefit both your wallet and their well-being.

The best time to start shopping for insurance is when they are still young. Same as with your health insurance, it is much cheaper to insure while still healthy.

Besides avoiding penalties because some very expected condition has become a preexisting one, you will also be able to avoid paying higher premiums due to their age. Getting pet insurance as soon as possible also means that you will be covering the expenses of preventative medical care.