3 Things To Remember When Photographing Your Newborn

Photographing Your Newborn

Published on September 29th, 2019

Whether it’s for the parents or the photographer, getting babies picture-ready is one challenging task. Aside from figuring how to dress them up, positioning them for the photo requires a massive amount of skill and extra caution.

The baby’s age is critical in determining the right position for them, and whether they’ll like that pose or not. Since each of the babies’ personalities is different, there’s no hard rule on how to keep them to settle.

What can dictate the photo session is the baby’s age. If you’re in Houston, you can ask the help of newborn baby photography services in Houston TX to make this difficult task feasible.

1. 5 To 10 Days Old Babies

10 days old Babies

If you want to schedule your newborn’s photo session between 5 to 10 days after childbirth, know that babies within this age prefer to curl up in sleeping and “womb-like” position.

They’re also more comfortable unclothed, so you can photograph them as if they’re inside your womb. Also, newborns within this age bracket need to be fed once every two hours.

For babies scheduled to be photographed less than five days after they were born, expect that you might encounter some feeding issues.

This, however, will only affect nursing babies since it takes around five days before the volume of the mother’s milk will increase. If the mother doesn’t have enough milk, the baby needs to eat more until they’re fully satisfied.

At this age, babies could also get more fidgety, making it difficult for them to achieve certain poses.

2. Over Two Weeks Old

10 days old Babies

Megan Matula is the owner of Newborn Baby Photography Services Houston TX. She suggests that the best time to take studio photos of your newborn is when they are less than twenty-five days old.

When babies are older than two weeks, it might be challenging to achieve the curling pose. And unlike the younger ones, babies over two weeks old might not be comfortable in taking their clothes off.

With older babies, the focus of the session will now shift to handheld shots, images of a baby tucked in a beautiful basket, awake, and fully dressed. Aside from these kinds of shots, overhead shots, and wrapped shots are also great for babies who are awake during the photoshoot.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Reschedule

relaxing baby

If your first photo session doesn’t go well, you could ask your photographer to reschedule it. Most newborn photographers are skilled in carrying out the session. However, if you’re not comfortable with your baby, you can always request another time to wrap up the photo op.

Before you pick another date, take time to evaluate what can be done better during the next session. Clarify instructions from your photographer and make sure to follow them next time. Your baby might have a lousy tummy on the day of the photo session, or maybe he was underfed. Make sure to avoid these situations next time.

If you’re looking for the perfect newborn photographer in Houston, work with Megan Matula of Megan Matula Newborn Photography. She has been in this profession for over ten years, and her portfolio is proof that she is doing a fantastic job with babies!

Safety is Megan’s number one priority so you can confidently take some time off during the photo session and let Megan do her magic. Check out her shots and be prepared to be mesmerized.