Where Do You Need to Use Pigeon Control Program?

Pigeon Control Program

February 10th, 2021   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Are you thinking why we are talking about pigeon control program? Pigeons may seem to be harmless to many people. But I bet all of those haven’t gone through the detrimental effects of their occupancy in various areas.

Have you ever observed walls and pathways covered with pigeons’ droppings? You may just find such pathways filthy and dirty, but they are dangerous too.

And this is not the only hazard of pigeons’ population around your residential or industrial areas. They cause many other problems also.

Therefore, it is essential that you find a cure or a solution to keep these culprits away from your surroundings.

There are many different ways that are used to achieve this purpose, but not all of them are very effective. The most effective pigeon control program experienced and reported is birth control in pigeons.

Don’t get startled. That’s true. Sometimes, birds like pigeons too need to plan their family because their uncontrolled growth might get others in trouble.

Where Do Pigeons Like to Dwell?

Pigeons love the places where they get easy access to food and water. Moreover, the places where nesting is easy and interference are least are their favorite ones.

Such sites include residential areas, for example, homes, schools, apartments, hotels, hospitals, etc. In addition to this, you must have seen a massive number of pigeon flocks flying over powerhouses and other factories.

This is because most powerhouses and industrial areas are built away from densely inhabited areas. Pigeons have to face minimal interference in their life processes such as breeding, reproduction, food hunt, etc.

These are the places where we need to keep a check on the growing population of these birds. Because pigeons breed as monogamous pairs, and these pairs may raise 12 more pigeons each pair every year.

It may not sound like a huge number, but trust me, it is a massive increase because you have to wait for only six months to receive good news from those new pairs.

So, the math is not very tricky. They are soon going to occupy your surroundings. And you need to be prepared and very cautious about that.

This is why solutions like birth control in pigeons are introduced. One famous and most effective pigeon control; program is offered by OvoControl.

The medicine is mixed in the food of pigeons, and the eggs laid by the fed pigeons are not fertile; hence they don’t hatch.

Some places where pigeons are most commonly found and love to reside forever are:

Residential Areas


Your homes, bungalows, apartments, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other buildings in residential areas are at stake. Pigeons find an abundance of food resources in such areas.

Therefore, they target them as their home. You need to take various precautions to avoid their approach near your surroundings. Try to remove any food resources.

If you are habitual of feeding other birds in your home garden or the park near your home, mark my words, these culprits aren’t going to spare your surroundings. Keep the pots covered in which you keep food for birds.

Other than the precautionary measures, you may also need to use a pigeon control program once these birds have started targeting your localities. You may use spikes, netting, bird repellents, sticky gels, etc., on your rooftops to keep them away.

Power Houses

This is the other place that pigeons consider as their home town. Most powerhouses are built near a water resource and in open fields. Such locations make a favorable environment for their growth and breeding.

Therefore, it is very important that you consider using a pigeon control program near power stations. Leave them unchecked, and they will make you regret soon. So, it is advisable that you do not make this mistake.

Try effective tips like using bird repellent gels, bird deterrents, birth control programs, etc., as soon as you start seeing them accumulating around.

Under The Bridges

Have you ever observed that bridges have a huge number of pigeons’ nests? This is because these bridges have some hidden corners under them and pigeons feel it safe to nest there.

These are the real target places where the pigeon control program needs to be used. Sites under bridges are like maternity homes to them. So, let’s approach them to give awareness about family planning with birth control programs.

Near Farms

Farms and crops are an excellent source of food for birds. So, pigeons love these places too. They might not find proper accommodation there, but they visit the farms frequently in search of food.

Hence, if you are planning to control the growing number of pigeons, farms can be an excellent place to target their increasing population.

Using a birth control program can be very effective here because pigeons come here to peck at grains and also to collect them. So, fooling them is easy here.