Plumbing Insurance Can’t Save Your Business

Plumbing Insurance

Published on May 28th, 2022

As a plumber or a plumbing contractor, we are well aware that accidents and injuries can occur on the job at any point in time. It doesn’t have to be yourself that gets the injury. It could be any third-party, your client in most cases, that experience the injury or accident. This is never a good thing to experience as a plumber running a business. The biggest question to ask yourself is do you have Plumbers Liability Insurance?

Plumbers Liability Insurance is imperative!

As someone working in someone else’s home or commercial building, you want to make sure the work being done is done properly and to satisfaction. Along the way, there can be complications or accidents while working. If an injury, damage or accident occurs to a third party or client while you’re working on the job, you and your business will be responsible. This is why we see “Caution, slippery floor” signs are out when a janitor or cleaning crew is mopping floors.

Plumbers Liability Insurance is a form of general contractor’s insurance that will cover you under these circumstances:

  • Injuries to the body – If a third party or client incurs an injury at your worksite due to your tools or while there is an on-going job.
  • Damages to the Property – During the contracting job, if there are any damages to the property due to the work you’ve done, you’ll receive coverages should you need to repair the property.
  • Personal Injury – If the work that you’ve completed ends up causing damages to the company’s or homeowner’s possessions, you’ll receive coverage.
  • Advertising Injury – A claim against your company taken against a company that causes that company to lose assets.
  • Medical Payments – This will cover medical bills of an injured third party or client due to a plumber’s fault.

Plumbing Insurance Can Save Your Business

Acquiring Plumbers Liability Insurance will ensure your business doesn’t receive any major penalties due to an event above. This insurance is a bundle of different coverages that protect not only your business’ financial health but also your clients’ property and other third-party’s damages. 

Your Plumbing Insurance cannot only save your business…

Plumbing Insurance Can Save Your Client

There will be chances where damages can occur at your client’s property while you’re performing plumbing services. Whether these damages are caused by your subcontractors or any of your regular staff, your general liability will save you from incurring the costs to repair these damages. It will be covered by your insurance provider including the legal fees that could incur from lawsuits filed by your client or other third-party if damages are left unsettled.

In some cases, the tools or materials used to repair the plumbing system can cause these damages. Some instances, it happens AFTER the services have been completed. This will surely trigger complaints and that will result into financial cost on your business. Once the client files a claim for the damages, your insurance provider will cover for the costs incurred to repair and settle this claim.

Plumbing Insurance Can Save Your Employees

With this plumbing insurance package, it will include a coverage for your regular employees. Not only for your regular staff but it will also allow for you, as an owner, to be included or excluded as you deem necessary and depending on your preference. 

How does this take effect? In case of accidents, this will save your business from incurring medical costs needed to recover from the accident. This coverage is what we call the Workers Compensation insurance. 

Did you know that partial or total disability resulting from work can be compensated by this coverage? While your employee is recovering from an accident, the lost income will be covered for by the insurance provider of your Workers Compensation insurance. 

Plumbing Insurance Can Bring in More Business!

The truth is, clients prefer doing business with insured plumbers. You will gain more referrals if clients feel secure with your services. They know that when things go wrong, you are capable of resolving the issue as soon as possible.

Again, Plumbing Insurance is a package of coverages including General Liability, Workers Compensation, Inland Marine (for your tools/equipment), and Commercial Auto.

If you prefer only getting General Liability, this does not cover you or your regular employees in case accidents happen. General Liability only covers third-party bodily injury and property damage.

Contractors Liability is a company that specializes in providing Plumbers Liability Insurance to plumbers and plumbing contractors. If you don’t have insurance, you may call their team of insurance specialists at 866-225-1950!