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5 Surefire Ways To Promote Your Tracks With SoundCloud Features


April 12th, 2019   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

Every SoundCloud user who has ever dreamt of becoming a world-known superstar began by posting their first track on the platform. There are over 175 million total listeners a month that log in to SoundCloud.

While some of them have made it big and now lead the music charts, others have fallen into complete obscurity. If you want to avoid the latter scenario, you will have to enhance your popularity on SoundCloud. Here are a few surefire ways of promoting your music using well-known features!


1. Customize Your Profile

Sing your song and the people will follow! This somewhat logic principle loses its significance on SoundCloud. Regardless of how good your music sounds, if you do not have an impeccable, attractive profile, most users will avoid following you. So, besides sounding great you also have to look great as well.

Start by posting a short bio about your persona and let your fans know who you are. Add a nifty profile picture, and post some more as you go to let people know how your appearance changes over time. If you have a logo image make sure to add that one too. And as soon as you upgrade to a Pro account you can use the data of people who follow you to improve marketing your image even further.


2. Use Cross-Promotion On Other Social Networks

One of the best things about SoundCloud is that you can share your music on it and on other social media networks at the same time. This technique is called cross-promotion or multi-channeling and enables users to share their content with a larger audience.

By streaming your tracks to other social media channels you can attract people that rarely visit SoundCloud. This strategy will enhance the number of followers, plays and hopefully your notoriety. In the worst case scenario, you have a bunch of new fans, but the best possible scenario sees these admirers sharing your music on their social media profiles thus increasing your audience even more.


3. Upload To SoundCloud exclusively

SoundCloud - Music & Audio

Unless you are using professional services like SocialBoss, you will find it difficult and slow to develop a high popularity status on SoundCloud. However, if you have decided to go down this path you might as well use just this platform to stream your tracks.

Upload and share your music on SoundCloud exclusively through the platform’s specific software. This strategy will make you appear quickly in user searches and it will let your fans know that they will not find your tracks on any other streaming service. Additionally, it will make it easier for major labels to identify your unique samples when looking for new, rising stars.


4. Build Up Your Numbers

Similar to other social media platforms, SoundCloud works on the feedback and ratings that people give to each other. A significant number of plays and followers are usually an excellent indicator that the user produces high-quality content regularly. This simple characteristic of online success is what marketers look for when scouting for new talents.

Now, you may choose to grow your popularity organically by simply uploading your music and waiting for people to discover it. However, it might take you months or even years before somebody notices your vocal prowess. A much better option is deciding to buy SoundCloud followers to boost your notoriety and attract marketers quickly.

This strategy adds high-quality followers to your fanbase and it even boosts the number of plays and likes in the long run. It is a safe and cost-effective method of gaining a competitive advantage over your peers and to shorten your journey to worldwide stardom.


5. Use Shareable Stats Cards


Another great feature that will help you develop your popularity on SoundCloud implies using shareable stats cards. This easy-to-use option enables you to create small, conclusive cards that contain statistics about your career on the platform. Next, you can share them with other users and your followers to show your progress so far.

This feature works as a business card that you can download from the SoundCloud app and send it to marketers who might have an interest in your tracks. The cards reveal the number of likes, plays, reposts and comments that you have received on your profile since creating your SoundCloud profile.