5 Effective Tips On Removing Poop Stains

Removing Poop Stains

Published on September 24th, 2019

Do you have a new baby or a pet? Either way, poop stains are likely to become your reality in the first couple of weeks or maybe even longer. It depends on many things, so it’s essential you know how to clean them.

These take quite some effort to clean regardless of whether it’s your carpet or couch that’s stained. The process tends to be tricky because you don’t want to damage the stained surface further as you’re trying to clean it.

People over at know how to tackle the issue, so take a moment to read through these simple yet effective tips on removing poop stains.

1. Clean It As Soon As Possible

Waiting for two days will only make matters worse. Not only you’ll have to deal with the smell, but the stain will most likely be too deep to clean. Regardless of whether it’s on a carpet or bare floor, poop will eat and damage the surface beyond repair.

For this reason, you should clean it as soon as possible, not letting it sit for too long. The longer the poop sets in, the more damage will it do to your carpet or furniture. Clean the area right away, and there’s still chance that you save it entirely like it was never pooped in the first place.

Plus, if it’s your pet that pooped on the carpet, he/she will most likely go back to the area unless you clean it. If they can still sense it there, they’ll go back to poop in that exact area. For this reason, you want to deep-clean it as soon as possible before they use your carpet as a litter box again.

2. Scrape Off The Excess

This is likely to be as nasty as it sounds, but in reality, it has to be done. If the poop is on your high-pile carpet, you’ll need to put in extra work to get it off those fibers. Still, low-pile ones require attention just as well, so make sure to scrape the excess even if it’s a thin carpet.

Use a moist cloth or baby wipes to scrape the poop off the fibers. Do this repeatedly as many times as needed until you’ve picked it up thoroughly. Using baby wipes is a good way of getting rid of some of that smell as well.

The more time and effort you put in, the easier will it be to recover your carpet’s initial look. It’s also less likely the poop will stain it and develop a nasty smell.

3. Make Your Cleaning Solution

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You’re better off making your cleaning solution than using a store-bought one. Commercialized solutions are often too harsh and could damage your carpet.

Mix some two cups of cold water with a tablespoon of liquid dish soap and tablespoon of white vinegar in a spray bottle.

Even still, you want to be careful with using the mixture. For this reason, try it on an inconspicuous area that’s not as visible. If it’s going to discolor and damage your carpet, make sure it’s not a high-traffic part of it.

Once you’re sure it’s safe to use, you can pour or spray a little onto the stain. Blot it until you absorb all the liquid and repeat as many times as needed until you no longer see it.

This takes some time, effort, and patience, especially if the stain is large. You must be careful not to rub the area, as it might make the stain that much worse. Consider using disposable towels for convenience of not having to wash them later.

Once you remove the stain, pour some cold water onto it. Use a new towel or a cloth to blot the area until it’s dry. Sprinkle some baking soda onto the area and let it sit for ten minutes before you vacuum it.

4. Steam The Area

What if the stain is on a bare floor? If that’s the case, you should be equally as careful, especially if it’s hardwood we’re talking about.

Make sure not to leave the poop on the floor for too long since it could damage it just like it would a carpet. Once you picked it up, you might also want to steam the floor. Steam vacuums are usually more expensive than regular cleaners, but they’re worth it.

Not only you can use such a cleaner for removing poop stains, but it’s also a handy choice for other stains as well. Plus in most cases, it’s a great choice if the poop stain is on your bare floor and not carpet.

5. Call A Cleaning Surface

What happens if the stain was left untreated for too long? Sadly, you’ll probably find it nearly impossible to remove after just a few days.

Still, don’t despair, as some people can help you with the problem. In other words, you might want to consider calling professionals to clean the carpet for you.

A professional, carpet-cleaning service could be pricey, depending on where you live. The size and type of your carpet also matter when it comes to the overall price.

However, if you tried and failed to clean the stain, it might be the only solution you have left. In most cases, these services are quite efficient, and there’s almost no stain they can’t get out.

Poop can be a bit tricky to deal with, especially if it’s a cat that pooped on your carpet. Cat poop is the most acidic and might eat your carpet fibers. Keep this in mind if you let it sit for too long since it might be difficult for a carpet-cleaning service to get it out in this case.

If all fails, you’ll maybe have to get a new carpet or rotate the old one, so a piece of furniture stands on top of the stain.