5 Reasons Why Savoury Crepes Are Rising the Popularity Charts

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May 27th, 2019   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Originally from France, crepes are a thinner and healthier alternative available to the pancakes. The basic ingredients that constitute crepe batter include flour (whole wheat/buckwheat), eggs, butter and milk.

At some places, milk is replaced by water or even beer and wine. The batter is used for the outer cover which can then be filled with the choicest of the delicacies. Fillings like peanuts, processed meats, cheese, vegetable etc. mixed with different sauces can be used to stuff savoury crepes.

Savoury Crepes Are Rising

Though the nutritional value may vary according to the fillings that you may choose to go with, savoury crepes still remain one of the healthiest food options available to cater to every taste bud. If you want to get a good crepe in London, don’t miss out to visit the popular restaurants dishing out authentic crepe delicacies in Southbank Center Food Market and Primrose Hill Market.

Savoury crepes are one of the healthiest options that you may consider for your afternoon and evening meals. There are many other reasons which make this amazing dish click with so many food lovers. So what is it that makes savoury crepes so much loved and popular amongst all? Let’s us check that out.

1. Versatility

Simply put, crepes have options galore! There is no limit to the experimentation that you can do in the fillings as well as the batter of the material.

Vegan lovers can go for a gluten-free crepe that includes tofu, avocado, organic cherry tomato, an organic rocket with choicest of sauces mixed together. For a non-vegetarian, Scottish smoked salmon, organic spinach, chives, goat cheese with a hint of lemon sauce, can be a great combination to try.

2. Good For Any Meal

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Since you can load crepe with an assortment of fillings, it can work as good as a snack or a proper meal. In fact, in France, it is a quick meal which can be consumed during any time of the day. The rest of the world is catching up fast and now we have different crepes available for snacking, breakfast, lunch as well as dinner.

3. Nutritional Wholesome Diet

Although the nutritional value of a crepe is purely a subjective matter as it depends upon the choice of selected ingredients yet savoury crepes present one of the healthiest fast food choices available out there.

They are low on calories, fats and sodium but high on proteins when compared with similar food options available like pancakes and waffles. Also, those with gluten allergies have the option to go with special buckwheat flour crepe to enjoy the delicacy minus the side effects of gluten.

4. Please Many Taste Buds

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Since the options for savoury crepes are endless, there is something for everyone. No wonder, it appeases so many people with different tastes.

The presentation part is equally appealing as they are served in different forms like folded, half-moon shape, rolled out or in the shape of a parcel, crepes are alluring to the eyes of a food lover as well.

5. A Good Option For Those On Diet

If you have been put on a diet plan, you still can have crepe without creating any sort of disruption in your daily intake of the allowed nutrient value. Just to give you an idea, a crepe with a diameter of 10 inches contain merely 90 units of calories in it while your daily consumption limit is pegged at 2000 units. So now you can much without being guilty.

If you want to get a good crepe in London we highly recommend you to visit Victoria Park Market, Southbank Center Food Market and Primrose Hill Market to try out choicest of the savoury crepe dishes available there.