How To Ensure A Smooth Online Marriage In UAE

Wedding proposal inspiration portrait with Piaggio Vespa in Ital

Published on March 30th, 2021

Live stream weddings aren’t new. As a matter of fact, they existed nearly forty years ago with the late Princess Diana‘s wedding being streamed live for millions of people to see! That being said, virtual weddings in UAE feel just about any modern feat.

Thankfully, it is also very easy especially with marriage attorneys in Dubai taking care of the legalities on behalf of the soon-to-be husband and wife.

If your wedding has been postponed, it is not too late for you to make the most memorable virtual wedding, most especially with the right people by your side!

Choose The Cleric For Your Virtual Wedding

The Ministry of Justice UAE requires all couples to select a cleric to officiate their weddings from the approved list of officials at marriage registrars.

Requirements for a legal wedding also need to be furnished and get approved by the Ministry’s Marriage Department.

Once approved for a UAE virtual wedding, a wedding date will be set for the ceremony via videoconferencing.

With the virtual meeting with a couple’s chosen cleric, the bride and groom will be asked of each of their digital signatures prior to the marriage contract being issued.

Afterwards, an email will be sent by the clear to the local courts for review. Upon approval, copies of the contract approved will be sent to the devices of the couple.

Marriage attorneys in Dubai can help with the submission of the right paperwork for a smooth and successful virtual wedding.

Take note: taping part in any wedding ceremony that isn’t legally binding may have legal implications for couples, specifically on their financial affairs.

Those who are taking into consideration getting married online in UAE are urged in contacting a legal advocate to ensure the process of virtual wedding will be carried out legally and valid in accordance to regulations.

Resend Your Invitations


The wording on the invitations for your wedding may need some editing. For your guests who haven’t attended virtual weddings before, it’s important to specify that the event will be happening online.

Also, don’t forget to state the correct time zone for the wedding, most especially if you are in Dubai while your family members and other relatives will be watching through their devices from abroad.

A lot of couples are facing the awkward dilemma for uninviting guests to a wedding as the plans have changed.

If you’ve invited guests before, simply send them online invitations with a live stream URL so they know that it’s now more convenient for them to witness the joyous ceremony and that their virtual presence is requested and highly appreciated!

Never Pass Up On A Virtual Rehearsal

Wedding rehearsals, online or offline, help ensure that all those who will attend knows when exactly to show up, as well as understand the flow of your ceremony.

A virtual wedding, in particular, is crucial to have a rehearsal as there may be those you invite that aren’t tech-savvy.

A virtual wedding rehearsal can look a tad bit different to the regular one. It will function as somewhat of a tech check in order to make sure that all of the equipment of your team and your guests are working correctly.

It will also ensure that all those who will participate in the online wedding have strong Wi-Fi connection.

Consult With The Wedding Vendors

One of the difficult aspects of having a virtual wedding in UAE is coordinating with the vendors.

You’ll have to make adjustments as there may no longer be a need for you to have a five-tier wedding cake or fifty floral centerpieces as the wedding won’t be in-person.

But you may still choose to retain them should you find it very convenient to send out the centerpieces, food, drinks and giveaways to each of the homes of your guests.

It will totally be up to you; however, it’s important that you coordinate with your chosen vendors. Start talking to them as early as you can to decide that they will still help out and be involved for your wedding day.

Do you want a fun and memorable bachelorette night before your wedding day? If so, this can be arranged!

The night can take form in drinking games with lots and lots of drinks! No doubt you and your “bestest of friends” will be excited in whipping out the champagne and sangria to celebrate your very last night as an unmarried woman.

Now that you have gotten everything prepared, what is left is for you and your partner to finally say “I do!”

Regardless of whether you want to keep the even sweet, short, and simple or you want the celebration to last for hours with drinking until the hands of the clock strikes midnight, it’s all possible! Just remember the tips we’ve mentioned above and talk to legal advocates in Dubai such as Dubai Court Marriage!