Studio Apartments For Rent In Brussels

Essential Home Upgrades That Last

Published on August 22nd, 2019

Brussels is a busy city. A capital city of a country and the political capital of a continent now that all European Union affairs are run from Brussels.

It is a clean city with efficient and reliable public transport. Here, Dutch and French are the most spoken languages and it is imperative that you understand either of the two.

English is also spoken although the other two are used officially and more widespread in the city and country.

Listed Are Some Unique Aspects Of Living In Brussels

1. Renting Is Easier Than Buying

In Brussels, tenancy lease agreements are skewed in favor of the tenant. So, as a new resident in Brussels, it is better for you to rent than to buy a house.

Most tenancy agreements are made in tranches of three, six or nine years. The longer the better. There are serious penalties for issuing a notice of vacation before the lease is over.

It is common to find yourself paying the full cost of the lease if you leave before the lease period is over especially for the three-year lease.

2. You Can Easily Rent A Studio

Majority of the population of Brussels is young and energetic. With a growing economy, young people who do not need large spaces for their homes are moving to the city in search of jobs.

In addition, many expatriates and European Union dwellers can easily move to Brussels on an impulse.

These new residents and the bulging population of the young adults are taking up most of the studio apartments for rent in Brussels.

3. Furnished Or Unfurnished Houses

In Brussels, you can also easily rent out a furnished or unfurnished house. For most expatriates, furnished houses are the preference.

In this case, your chosen house will have all the furniture and appliances you could need for a comfortable stay. You can even easily ask your landlord for something that you might need and is not present.

Students are also able to get rooms or houses with a bed and study table and chair. Unfurnished rental houses are the most common.

You buy your own things and only get an empty space which you will then convert to your cozy and comfortable home.

4. Student life In Brussels

Student life In Brussels

As alluded to, students can easily get houses within twenty minutes of their universities. Students need to arrange for their own accommodation when joining a university in Brussels.

There are lots of housing providers who cater to students’ housing needs in Brussels.


Studio apartments for rent in Brussels are more common than you think. Majority of them are taken up by students while others are occupied by the bulging youth population in the city.

It is important to take heed of the rental lease agreements in Brussels to save yourself huge financial losses.