6 Styling Tips For Indian Clothes During The Cold Season

Styling Tips For Indian Clothes

Published on October 15th, 2019

Is the cold season close by and you wonder how do you still dress up in your beautiful ethnic Indian outfit? It is not as complicated as you think. There are many ways that you can still look fabulous, stay warm and still look stunning in your outfit.

Do not keep off your lehengas and Kurtis as the cold season comes. It is important to just learn various ways you should incorporate to stay warm with the same clothes in your closet. As designers keep on styling various trends for the cold season.

The fabric to wear is different and they can have breathtaking designs that most people will admire. Here are some amazing ways that you can style attires and still pull through with the Indian traditional wear and also look beautiful.

1. A Cropped Sweater

Cropped Sweater

Since some outfits like the Lehenga and velvet sarees type are paired up with crop tops. Depending on the summer sleeve such as cap, cold shoulder, sleeveless among other types that are not best for the cold season.

Choose a cropped sweater instead to ensure that you are warm and still look stylish in it.

This gorgeous cropped sweater will keep you warm either in a black color to attract heat or white color that retains the heat. Beneath your saree or Lehenga make sure you wear woolen leggings or other warm pants.

This is a stunning option for the cold season and there are simple and great options to mix and match in your wardrobe.

2. The Anarkali And A Shawl

Another beautiful traditional attire you can wear is the evergreen Anarkali. This beautiful dress most times is for the summer but you can also nail it during the cold season. Choose a beautifully embroidered shawl to cover up with a unique design for it to blend perfectly with the Anarkali.

Choose one with a contrasting color and of warm fabric. A black or brown Anarkali paired with a blue, green or red embroidered shawl is a smart match for you to flaunt during the cold season. Look exquisite in the shawls intricate designs with the Anarkali and stay warm and comfortable at the same it.

3. The Best Fabric


During the cold season, most people prefer to ‘freeze and shine’ to staying warm and in bulky clothes. To still look on point with ethnic wear the fabric should be considered first to ensure it is the right one for the cold season.

As the Indian country has the best raw materials to make different types of fabrics. You can choose fabrics such as velvet and cashmere that are known to be warm among others and still look beautiful on you. Some of the various ways to use fabric to keep the cold out are by covering yourself with an embellished velvet shawl that blends perfectly with any ethnic outfits.

Cropped full sleeve pull necks with lehengas, or long cashmere jackets to go with a salwar kameez are some elegant ways to ensure that you are warm, comfortable and dressed up.

4. Bandhgala Jacket With Jeans

This is a great look to look stylish in. If during the spring and winter, you’re to go to fashion clothes are a pair of palazzos or linen pants. This will not help to keep you warm as the cold season approaches.

Therefore, it is important to switch this look to a more awesome one that gives the surety of warmth, comfort and is a chic look to trend on. Dress in jeans and a pull neck top with a fitting sweater.

Then put on a bandhgala jacket to blend with the jeans and put on a pair of heels to upgrade the look further. The striking bandhgala jacket will not disappoint and is a perfect head turner.

5. The Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

This fusion look is in a different class of all others. It is a stylish way to keep warm by wearing the leather jacket paired with Indian traditional attires. It is a great way to ensure you look classic and at the same time spruce up your look from what people are doing as the norm when the cold season hits.

As many others walk around in heavy sweaters and are wrapped up in shawls. Your leather jacket will set you apart from the crowd and it will give your traditional attire a fun fresh twist. One of the to go looks that has been paired with a leather jacket is a maxi or a saree for both of them turn out gorgeously.

6. The Ethnic Jacket

If you can rock the modern jacket during a cold season. Then the traditional jacket is not a big deal for it will perfectly blend in. The reason to show some love to this jacket is that it is in vibrant color. From the gorgeous brocade to the colorful phulkari there are many others that you can adorn to and get a collection to look splendid during the cold weather.

The ethnic jacket is a trendy pairing attire whether with jeans, or Lehenga. Instead of wearing the usual light blouses with your Lehenga, pair it with a traditional peplum jacket. By accessorizing with a color contrasting belt to make the outfit look more fitting and break the single color flow. Get on your fashion goals with this jacket whether with a modern bottom or an ethnic attire.

In Summary

keeping warm during the cold season and still rock in Indian attires is all about being creative in your fashion taste. As much as, you can upgrade your wardrobe look. It is a wiser to just use what you have in your wardrobe to style and pair up and be able to beat the cold.

Remember as mentioned above, type of material matters for it is your second skin that can work for you or against you. Have at least three or four beautiful and unique shawls if you want to keep it simple. And learn various ways to wrap them elegantly.