4 Summer Travel Trends To Watch In August


July 30th, 2019   |   Updated on June 9th, 2023

Summer is in swing, and this year, we’re seeing travelers personalize their approach to their vacation. Once-in-a-lifetime moments are key to a successful vacation in 2019, and some of the trends that we expect to last throughout August are:

1. Prioritizing Stopovers

Stopovers are starting to become a key item when booking airline tickets. There was a time when people chose to have no layovers or stopovers, but this trend is changing. Travelers are using these stopovers to visit more places.
Airlines are even starting to promote these travel destinations through rail passes or even free access to tourist attractions.

Brussel Airlines has started to promote their layovers, offering flyers a day or two, up to 5, if you stop in Brussels before continuing your journey. The stop is “free,” and there are more than 50 activities offered for free.

2. Filming And Instagram-Worthy Destinations

Game of Thrones has wrapped up filming, but travelers are flocking to filming locations to catch a glimpse, or picture, of their favorite filming locations. Croatia and Nothern Ireland have both experienced a boom in travelers due to the show’s popularity.

Instagram is also playing a major role in how people choose to travel. People are looking for the most popular places on Instagram to take pictures, and the result has been destinations overfilled with people trying to catch the perfect selfie.

If you don’t want to be in destinations where people are spending 20 minutes to snap the perfect picture, you may want to avoid these Instagram-worthy destinations, But if you want to impress your friends and even gain followers, you may want to join in on the Instagram-worthy trend.

3. Discount Locations Like Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii

Have you ever wanted to visit Hawaii? A lot of airlines on the West Coast are promoting Hawaii as a prime travel destination.

Southwest Airlines is one key airline that is lowering their rates to help travelers reach the Hawaiian Islands. The airline will even match or offer lower rates than the competition.

Hawaiian airlines have reacted to the trend, offering a basic economy fare which has pushed pricing down even further.

Be on the lookout for these competitive travel destinations if you want to save money on your next vacation. Airlines across the world are starting to offer additional perks and lower prices on airfare to travelers in an attempt to bring in more business.

This is great news for anyone traveling on a budget.

4. Event Traveling

Event traveling is huge, and we’re seeing a lot of travelers choose a destination because of a key event. When the solar eclipse occurred in South America in July, Chile and Argentina saw an increase in tourists.

Travelers are searching for these once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and they will travel across the world to experience them.

Sure, people go to Chile and Argentina all of the time, but there’s a growing trend of being able to catch a band performing in another country, view eclipses with locals or even go to a popular festival in another country.
These trends are expected to remain in August and continue well into 2020.