12 Common Symptoms Of Depression That Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Deal With Depression

August 18th, 2020   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Depression is a major depressive disorder that changes the way you think, feel, or act. It is more than mere sadness that affects more than 15 million Americans yearly.

It is the major cause of disabilities in people between the age of 15 years and 45 years. It affects both males and females but the cases for females are much higher than those of males.

On average, depression starts from the age of 32 years. Fortunately, it is treatable, but 80% of the people with depression do not seek counseling services from a counselor. So, if you are battling symptoms of depression, do not hesitate to reach out to BetterHelp for online counseling.

Many people do not seek treatment for depression because they miss the signs and symptoms which are not typical. For you to diagnose depression, symptoms must last for about 2 weeks. The following are the common symptoms of depression that should not be ignored.

1. Social Isolation

Have you started withdrawing or hiding from others lately or have you seen someone who has suddenly started to withdraw from others? Then that person is depressed and needs to see a counselor for counseling.

Depression makes someone pull out from others and be alone, which is worse because being alone can worsen depression.

2. Loss Of Interest With Activities You Used To Enjoy

Anhedonia refers to the inability to feel pleasure and people suffering from depression often show this symptom. Depression can make someone lose interest in activities they used to enjoy.

If you find yourself in a situation where you are not enjoying activities you used to enjoy such as playing basketball then you are depressed and you need to visit a counselor. Attending counseling sessions can help you come out of depression.

3. Lack Of Energy

Depression Is Not ‘Low Mood'

This is another sign of depression whereby you are unable to do anything. You are just feeling tired and live less and nothing motivates you to do anything including waking up from your bed in the morning.

Accomplishing a small task is such a problem for example you cannot flush the toilet or remove dirty clothes from your bed. Lack of energy is also a sign that you are depressed.

4. Feelings Of Sadness, Hopelessness, And Guilt

Depression makes you feel sad, hopeless, and guilty every time. You have no peace of mind and every time you feel you cannot accomplish anything and small mistakes are making you feel guilty.

5. Trouble With Memory

Do you find it difficult to remember things such as where you placed the car keys? Then it could be a sign of depression. If you find it difficult to remember things then you need to see a counselor so that you get treatment.

6. Lack Of Concentration

When carrying out normal tasks such as working or schooling and you find it difficult to concentrate then it could be a sign of depression. Depression can reduce your productivity such that your grades decline drastically and you are unable to meet work deadlines.

7. Irritability And Restlessness

Have you been on edge recently or is everyone annoying you? When you are depressed, everyone and everything irritates you including your family members. Any small issue you encounter is a big issue and you find yourself arguing so much over a small matter.

8. Weight Loss Or Weight Gain

Depression Is Not ‘Low Mood'_1

Depression can make you overeat when you are stressed or sad leading to weight gain. But if you are suffering from chronic depression, you more lose interest in eating food. You can address this problem by eating carbs and fats to relieve stress.

9. Change In Sleeping Pattern

Has your sleeping pattern changed lately? Then it could be a sign that you are depressed. Depression can make you sleep too much or too little.

If you used to sleep well at night but find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and unable to return to sleep, then it could be a sign that you are depressed.

Alternatively, if you have been sleeping for six hours, but of late you are sleeping more than twelve hours then that is a sign that you are depressed.

10. Frequent Body Pain

If you are constantly feeling pain, chances are that you are depressed because of the mental pressure.

In fact, studies show that people who suffer from chronic pain are likely to develop psychiatric symptoms, while those with depression are three times likely to develop chronic pain.

11. Lack Of Self-Hygiene

When you are depressed, personal hygiene is very low on your list. Taking a shower or taking care of yourself and your room seems difficult. You don’t even see the need of brushing your hair or changing your clothes to wear decent ones.

12. You Think Of Ending Your Life

People who are depressed are always in constant thought of ending their lives and develop suicidal thoughts. Experts divide suicide into two categories which include passive and active.

If you are having passive suicide thoughts, it means that you are just thinking about the process of dying and probably want it to happen.

However, those with active suicidal thoughts think of ending their life and have a plan. If you notice somebody who is reckless about their lives, make sure that they seek the help of a counselor before it is too late.

Depression is treatable only if you seek the help of a counselor. Counseling reduces mental pressure and cures depression.

Talking about our difficulties in life does not make us weak. It is a show that we are aware of our mental status and we are taking positive steps towards improving our mental health.

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