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6 Surefire Tactics To Gain Youtube Subscribers


May 14th, 2019   |   Updated on October 7th, 2019

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Most digital marketers and bloggers have realized how critical YouTube, the second largest search engine, is to their business and online reputation. With more than 30 million daily active users, YouTube has become a critical part of a solid content marketing strategy for businesses who desire to make it big.

No wonder, marketers are trying their best to strengthen their presence on this platform, thereby optimizing their content for Google and other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The mind-boggling statistics shared in the infographic above is enough to convince anyone about the power of having a solid YouTube subscriber base. However, the journey towards gaining loyal YouTube subscribers can extremely gruelling and frustrating. This post offers you valuable advice to build a highly-subscribable YouTube channel for your business.


1. Stick To A Theme


Developing a theme and consistently posting incredible content in that niche will not only define your brand image but also make you an authority in that segment. Notice how all of Jay Shetty’s videos are about spirituality and self-motivation? So, viewers looking for content in this niche will, in all probability, subscribe to his channel.

Determine where you want to land with your video marketing efforts. Do you want to be seen as the best stand-up comedian in the U.S? Or are you aiming at teaching people to take better care of their pets? Knowing your vision will help you tailor your content as per your audience, making you the go-to channel in that domain.

Some other YouTubers that are the epitome of consistent theme-based branding are: Gary Vaynerchuck, Sadhguru, Ted Talks, The late night shows like Ellen & Jimmy Fallon, Tasty, etc.


2. Consistency Is The Key

Think – why will people subscribe to a channel that doesn’t share the latest content in its niche? Posting multiple videos with fresh content at regular intervals will give your viewers a reason to become your loyal subscriber. Further, tons of content on a topic will boost your channel in the YouTube algorithm.

Use the scheduling feature on YouTube to post videos, enabling your audience to know when to expect fresh content. Conduct thorough market research to know what your competitors are up to.

How often do they post content? What are their best-performing topics? Use these insights to make sure your frequency and content quality is better than them.

If you are short of new content in your segment, work on a few evergreen videos that will stay relevant for a long time, earning you a leadership status in your segment. Most of the how-to, educational, best-practices, animation, and behind-the-scenes videos are evergreen. Use your creativity to share videos on such of-the-moment topics. These can hook your audience until you come up with other interesting ideas.


3. Follow The 8-Second Rule


YouTube is saturated with videos. With over 1.9 billion logged in users and more than 400 hours of videos uploaded every minute, video channels are competing for eyeballs.

In fact, a new study by Microsoft Corp. reveals that the digital age has shortened the human attention span to eight seconds. So, if your video is unable to grab audience attention in the first eight seconds, you are losing engagement.

Start your video with an interesting hook. For instance, if your channel is about DIY bridal makeovers, show the end result first to wow your target audience, making them curious to learn how you achieved that stunning look. Check out how BeautyyBird always begins by showing the end result before explaining how she created that look.

Another way to create a hook is to promise an intriguing story, forcing viewers to find out what happened. Photographer Sue Bryce is a pro at this. She crafts videos that share her clients’ journey and directly relates it to the subject matter.

Keep your video fast-paced, yet engaging and devoid of distractions. Some effective video editing will help you create cuts and transitions in your video, making your video entertaining. This will not only hook your viewers but also encourage them to come back to you.


4. Optimize Your Video For YouTube SEO

Once you create a top-quality video, remember to optimize it for the SEO, improving your search ranking on YouTube and Google. Use the below-mentioned YouTube SEO tips to boost your visibility and fan base.

  • Do Your Keyword Research: Strong keyword research can help improve your search ranking and visibility. Online tools, such as can help you find words and phrases people enter to find video content. Further, remember to optimize your content for the ‘related or suggested videos’ sidebar which gets most of the views on YouTube.
  • Share High-Quality Engaging Content: As discussed earlier, your video should engage the target audience through effective storytelling and creative composition.
  • Pay Attention To Details: Optimize the filename, video title, video descriptions, and tags to boost its ranking on YouTube and Google. Backlinko recommends including 4-5 keywords with a long phrase in the title and video description to maximize the number of clicks to your channel.
  • Promote Your Videos: Have a plan to reach people on other platforms, such as video collaborations, blogs, forums, and social networks, directing them back to your YouTube page.


5. Don’t Forget To Add A Call-to-Action (CTA)


Remember the screaming ‘Subscribe to my channel!’ or ‘Watch More!’ pop-ups that appear on YouTube videos? These CTAs not only boost your channel views but also improve your watch time and subscriber rates.

Therefore, it is advisable to add them to your videos, enabling your viewers to take the desired action, subscribe to your channel. Notice how Rachspeed, a lifestyle vlogger on YouTube, has introduced end-screen annotations to boost her video views and subscriber base.

To create an end-screen annotation, go to the ‘Creator Studio’ on YouTube, click on ‘Videos’ in the ‘Video Manager’ section. Select the video. Next, click on ‘Edit’ and select ‘Annotations’ to add an end-screen annotation.


6. Measure Your Success


YouTube Analytics can help you understand your channel’s reach and performance. Make sure you track the below-mentioned parameters on a regular basis on your channel’s YouTube analytics page.

  • Subscription Rate: If people subscribe to your channel, it’s a sign that you are consistently generating high-quality and engaging video content.
  • Video Retention: How long is your video able to capture the audience attention? Have your viewers left halfway or watched it till the end? Video retention will tell you all this.
  • Engagement: If your video is attracting many comments, votes, and shares chances are that it’s appealing to your target audience.
  • ‘Watch Later’ Volume: Track this number to know how much interest your video is generating.
  • Viewer Demographics: This data helps you know where your viewers are located, their age group, and gender.

Analyzing your performance metrics will enable you to identify your best and worst performing videos. Further, you can use this data to optimize your video content. Besides YouTube Analytics, tools like TubeBuddy, Vidooly, ChannelMeter, and Socialinsider can help you track your YouTube channel and focus your efforts on boosting its engagement rate.


Final Thoughts

With billions of unique visitors per month, YouTube is the social media giant for video content. As a result, businesses, marketers, and bloggers are striving hard to leverage this great online platform and capture the attention of this large audience. However, given the cut-throat competition, building a strong subscriber base on YouTube isn’t a cakewalk.

Use the information and tactics shared in this post to create a thriving YouTube audience for your channel.


Author Bio:

Riya Rathod is a content writer and strategist at Inovatec. When not writing, Riya gives her time to do Hatha Yoga and conduct workshops related to entrepreneurship. She’s passionate about helping startups grow and making the web an inclusive & organized place.