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Published on July 25th, 2019

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could wake up and do your makeup in minutes? Now, most of us may think, they could do it in two minutes but how bad would it look? Well, thanks to MoxieLash, you no longer need to choose quick or fabulous. They have created an innovative product guaranteed to rock your lashes and give you a seriously killer look.

Can you guess what it could be? Other companies have created great mascaras, and still, others have made amazing eye shadow palettes, but how many of those need a minute to learn and apply perfectly each time?! MoxieLash has made it as easy as three seconds and a magnet.

Let me tell you what I am talking about. Are you sitting down? Good. MoxieLash has created the first-ever reusable magnetic eyelashes! Yeah.

No more sticky, messy, anger-inciting glue, and forget about having to buy and apply those old faux lashes painstakingly to your eyelid. No with MoxieLash’s magnetic eye gel and liquid liners you simply apply, and presto, magnetic magic!

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Who Is MoxieLash

You are probably wondering who MoxieLash is and what the story behind their incredible innovation is. They started out with their incredible magnetic eyelashes that literally shut the beauty industry down.

The moxie of MoxieLash is contagious, and so when they saw how viral their product went, they knew they had to create more.

As they put it, their customers wanted more and they were happy to oblige. They created an entire powerhouse to offer the ultimate eyelash solution.

Other Products

eye light product

To achieve the ultimate look with MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes its best to get the MoxieLash starter kit. For less than $80, yes you read that right, you can get everything you need to make your eyes and lashes jaw-dropping! The kit includes a beautiful range of liquid magnetic eyeliner, as well as a pair of whichever lash style you love.

Yes, MoxieLash has not one BUT three lash styles! Classy, which is great for every day, sassy a fun sultry look or flashy, for that, drop-the=phone, vava-voom look

Once you have the starter kit, you are ready to enter the joyous realm of reusable, no glue magnetic lash heaven! Don’t worry if you don’t think you can do it. The process is so simple and Moxie Lash provides excellent, easy=to-follow tutorials on their website so you can use magnetic eyelashes like a pro from day one!

They also offer a stunning A-Luxe kit, that has the Classy, Sassy, and Flashy magnetic eyelashes, the magnetic eyeliner, and gel liquid, as well as the pro liner brush, cotton swabs infused with olive oil, perfect for cleaning any smudge you may have.

All this in a beautiful lux cosmetic bag! All these products are so much cheaper than any other product, and the best part is Moxie Lash magnetic eyelashes are reusable for up to 30 times!!

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Be sure to scope out the reviews so you can choose the best lash look for you! Even people who are not into fake lashes, love this product! They look beautiful on a diverse array of skin tones, age groups, and styles.

This is such a fun product because each pair of magnetic eyelashes brings out your unique beauty!


MoxieLash magnetic eyelashes are so innovative. This is the biggest beauty revolution to happen since no smear lipstick! Finally, you can get a beautiful day or evening look without any mess, expensive kits, or time doing and redoing your lashes.

Magnetic also means waterproof and these no-budge babies can actually be worn while going for a run, driving with the top down, or at the beach! Get your starter kit today!