5 Tips To Handling An Accident With An Uninsured Driver


Published on November 16th, 2019

Being in a car accident is stressful and concerning at any time but if you add in being hit by an uninsured driver then it can only increase these feelings as you will be concerned if you can get compensated or be able to claim.

But the good news is that the driver is still as culpable, actually, they’re in more trouble as they will be still on the hook for compensating you and also may face criminal charges for driving without insurance.

1. Get All Relevant ID & Contact Details

At any accident scene, it’s important to get the contact details from the other driver and be able to clearly identify who they are. This can, unfortunately, be a mildly confrontational scene and one way to lessen this is to offer your details first to show you’ve nothing to hide.

But be sure to insist you get theirs as a good sign of something being up is when the other party is hesitant to hand over their details. If they point blank refuse to do this then you are well within your rights to call the local police at this point.

2. Take Down All Details Including Photos

Uninsured Drive id

The detail is key as if anything does end up disputed in court then the more evidence you have to back up your side of the story then the stronger your case will be.

Take down all details of their vehicle, reg plate, make and model, color, etc. also take pictures (even just with your smart-phone) of any damage to both vehicles and the position of the vehicles on the road.

Take down the names and contact details of any witnesses and write down a timeline of what happened while it’s fresh in your memory.

3. Get A Good Attorney


A good attorney will be key in this process, especially if the other driver does have no insurance as they will be experts in car accident claim procedure and know how to best pursue this.

If you win damages and compensation and the guilty party is slow or hesitant to pay up then your attorney will no doubt know how to chase up and pursue these debts.

4. Visit A Physician


You may be clearly injured but even if you are not then it makes sense to visit a physician to have a full medical and make sure there are no hidden or underlying issues resulting from the accident, and if you win a court case then often these expenses are often recoverable from the other side.

5. Work Out Lost Revenues & Inconveniences

Don’t forget to figure out any other financial losses you have suffered from this occurring.

For example, if you had to take time away from work for anything, such as doctors appointments, lawyers meetings, court time, this is all time you could have lost earnings for, even if you have to use vacation days for this, those have a monetary value, and why should you foot the bill for such things?