More Than Just A Vacation: Canadian Resort Towns Worth Settling Down In

Canadian Resort Towns

Published on December 4th, 2021

We’ve all been on vacation and fallen in love with a resort town; it’s a tale as old as time. But, unfortunately, most of us have to return to our lives and jobs back home and can’t seriously consider moving.

If you want to break out of this mold and make a change that would shock anyone, these are the best resort towns in Canada that are worth a lifelong vacation.

Great Bear Rainforest

Rainforests in Canada may sound strange, but this rainforest is the most incredible park you’ll ever visit. With wildlife ranging from sea wolves to a rare all-white spirit bear, that’s the most unique bear on earth, even walking to get your groceries while living in this resort town can feel like you’re on an adventure.

The deep and gorgeous forest generally stays warm all year thanks to the coastal air, and the incredibly diverse wildlife ensures that you’ll never run out of interesting things to see.

Jasper National Park

If you’re ready to settle down in the most beautiful park in Canada, it’s time to head to Jasper. This park in Alberta is a gorgeous slice of paradise buried between mountains and glacial springs.

The town itself is charming, with a coffee shop, a few high-end restaurants and shops, and a fun community center that becomes a bar once the sun sets.

The park itself is vast and full of wildlife like rams and bears, and as you drive through its long roads, you can enjoy the sight of endless breathtaking views of the mountains parting ahead of you. This park will make every day of your life feel like paradise.

Whistler Blackcomb

Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Canada, and Whistler is the town that does it best! In the winter, this mountain town just an hour and a half outside of Vancouver becomes a snow sports paradise. Visitors come from around the world to ski, snowboard, and enjoy the fun snow and winter activities.

In the summer, which is the off-season for this town, it reverts to a quiet mountain town surrounded by incredibly green mountains and bright blue streams.

Real estate for sale in Whistler can’t stay on the market for long because so many people want to make this town their permanent home.


Art and seafood meet in Victoria, a cute coastal town that feels like a creative person’s dream come true. If you love art or creative people, moving here can give you the chance to look at everything with a fresh gaze.

Not only are the coastal views flawless, but the people here still give this city a small-town friendly vibe even though this is one of the most popular cities in Canada. Despite its small size and being outshone by Vancouver, Victoria is a fantastic place to settle down and start life fresh and comfortably.