10 Ways To Support A Charity Apart From Cash Donations

Ways To Support A Charity

Published on July 1st, 2019

When thinking about charitable acts, most of us think of cash donations. But this is far from being the single way of helping a cause with which you resonate.

Sometimes, we might not have the monetary resources for money donations. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t help out your favorite charity, it means that you have to find some alternative ways to do so.

Keep reading below to find some new, wacky and rewarding ways to help a charitable cause without dropping off cash.

1. Give Blood

Blood Donations-Gay Men

According to the WHO most people between 17 and 65 can donate blood. Men are able to donate once every three months, while women are able to donate once every four months.

If you prefer to find other ways to help others, besides cash donations, consider donating your blood. Maybe the most time-consuming part is finding a blood donation center near you and making an appointment.

The rest of the process is easy and it only takes ten minutes to donate blood.

If you are committed to donating something even more valuable than your blood, you can find a donation center for platelets. These are necessary for cancer patients, patients who follow chemotherapy, radiotherapy or were recently subjected to organ transplants.

2. Volunteer Your Time

If you find a charity that supports a cause with which you resonate, you can volunteer and help around as much as your time allows. There is a number of charities that need constant volunteer help.

While you’re donating your time to various charities, you also help yourself in the process. Volunteer time looks extremely well your CV and it helps you to enjoy rewarding experiences. is the perfect place where you can get matched with charities in different domains, from animals’ rights to advocacy and human rights and so on.

3. Donate Your Computer’s Idle Time

If you don’t have time or money to help a charity, you can “volunteer” your computer’s idle time. Thanks to recent tech developments, we can now live with the knowledge that we give back to society, no matter how much money or time we have.

The whole idea behind this method is allowing various research centers to use your CPU cycles when you’re not actively using your computer.

By doing so, you contribute to helping researchers find new cures for diseases, clean the water in developing parts of the globe and more.

4. Donate Old Belongings

If you already have some belongings that you or your family no longer need, you can find donation centers nearby and take to there. The Salvation Army or Goodwill accepts donations of various types of goods and those are usually donated to families in need or sold at incredibly low prices.

If you’re looking to help others and don’t have the financial means for cash donations, this is the perfect alternative.

Keep in mind that many churches, schools or food banks accept this type of donations. You can also search for local charities if you prefer this type of organizations.

5. Run, Walk, Bicycle for a Good Cause


These types of charitable events take place all year round in many cities of the world. If you enjoy these sorts of activities and you also want to feel like you make a difference, do it for a noble cause.

You can run for raising money for various diseases or other charitable occasions. You can even help such causes by using your app, not necessarily attending organized marathons.

With the Charity Miles app, you can make every mile that you run or bike a charitable gift.

6. Donate Cash Back Rewards or Coupons

If you enjoy online shopping like everybody else, you must know that you can donate cash back rewards or coupons to charitable causes. offers daily deals on a wide range of online shops and products and while you can keep the discount codes and coupons savings for yourself, you can always choose to donate cash back earned to the non-profit organizations.

This is a great way to turn consumerism into something great and make good use of the money that you would spend either way.

7. Donate Your Skills

Just like donating your time is doing a great service to various NGOs and charitable organizations, donating your skills also helps a great deal.

For instance, if you have impressive computer skills, you can help different organizations raise money for certain causes. There are plenty of NGOs that organize tech-oriented meet-ups for tech professionals and even students.

During these meetups, the professionals develop innovative technologies and apps that help charitable organizations in different fields to raise money for their causes.

8. Donate Specific Goods

ways to support a charity

Women’s’ and children’s shelters are always in need of specific, gender-targeted goods. Women’s shelters, for instance, are in constant need of bras, underwear, toiletries, pajamas, diapers and wipes, feminine products, including tampons and pads.

Children’s shelters will be more than happy to receive diapers, wipes, age-appropriate clothing articles and toys and so on.

Even if you don’t have the money to help such causes, you may still have some pads that you don’t particularly like. Don’t throw those out. Women in need will surely appreciate those.

9. Use Charity Credit Cards

Certain credit cards offer decent donation rates on all purchases paid with those. Some cards have these donations automated while with others, you have to manually redirect your reward points.

Make sure that you pay close attention to your card’s interest rates, however. You don’t want to be reckless with such banking products. Also, make sure that you always read the terms as well.

10. Donate Your PC or Laptop

Laptop For Your Small Business

Various charities accept similar donations. One pertinent example is Computers for Charities, an organization that has recycled more than 250,000 computers and laptops. The goods reach developing countries where they are needed the most.

However, the legislation does not allow donations of similar goods if they are older than 5 years or not functioning. There is no need to worry about potential data fraud. The charity removes and destroys all hard drives.