Why Going Organic Is Best For You?

Why Going Organic Is Best For You

Published on December 13th, 2019

Not that long ago, we didn’t pay attention to what we eat at all. However, now, that we are more aware of the importance of proper diet, organic food is booming. Eating natural products have a lot of supporters, but there are also critics.

If you’re not sure yet if it’s worth to switch to more eco-friendly food, then read this article. It’ll provide you with everything that you have to know about organic food, and if it really is the best for you.

1. What Does It Mean That Food Is Organic?

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Nowadays, the majority of products that we eat are enhanced with chemicals or GMO. Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fertilizers based on petroleum, preservatives, etc. – you can find it all in products that you consume every day. When it comes to organic food – this term is used to describe fruits and vegetables grown without artificial chemistry.

Livestock products, such as meat, milk, eggs, etc. are considered organic, when the animals had access to the outdoors, were fed with organic food, and weren’t given any antibiotics, hormones, or any similar by-products.

2. Natural Products Price

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Organic farm critics often claim that naturally grown products are far too expensive. And yes, it’s true, organic food isn’t cheap. But, if you can afford to pay some more, it for sure is worth to buy local and natural products.

However, even if you’re on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on eating organic food. According to the Environmental Working Group, some products aren’t that polluted even when they’re farmed conventionally.

That’s why you can be selective, and only purchase fruits and vegetables that need the most chemicals, such as strawberries, nectarines, apples, spinach, peas, celery, cherries, potatoes, grapes, lettuce, peaches, and peppers. These fruits and vegetables are called the “dirty dozen”, and you should avoid buying them if they were conventionally grown, whenever it’s possible.

Some people decide to grow these products on their own. If you’d like to create your own organic farm, check Greenhouse Stores. When you raise your fruits and vegetables, you can not only make sure that they are grown 100% naturally but also you’ll save a significant amount of money.

3. Why Is Eating Organic Food Good For Your Body?

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The way your food is grown can have a significant impact on your condition and health. Remember that organic food is much more valuable. It contains more beneficial nutrients, and it’s almost entirely free from the chemicals that are slowly killing you.

Conventional agriculture uses a lot of pesticides. Theoretically, they still meet all the requirements; however, various types of fungicides, herbicides and other chemicals are still present on the food.

Buying organic products is much better because they contain just trace amounts of pesticides. If you stick to natural food only, the difference over time should be significant.

Organic food is fresher. There are no preservatives used in organic farms. You obviously can’t keep it as long as conventionally grown food, because it’ll rot. Natural products are often sold near the farms where they were grown, because of this reason. Not many people know about it, but excessive consumption of artificial preservatives significantly weakens heart tissues. It’s dangerous, especially for elderly people.

Last but not least, conventional food is not always GMO-free. We don’t know if eating genetically engineered plants is safe for our body. So far, most scientists claim that eating GMO doesn’t have adverse effects on our body. Gene mutations can occur naturally, and it happens from time to time.

However, we can never be sure how far genetic engineers go. Also, some adverse changes might occur after a more extended period, for example, in 10 or 25 years. If you’re not a fan of eating GMO products, then you should switch to organic food as fast as possible.

4. Why Is It Good For The Environment?

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It’s an undeniable fact that organic farming is much better for our planet than conventional farming. Natural cultivation greatly reduces groundwater pollutants, and significantly decrease the number of pesticides in tap water.

According to EWG (Environmental Working Group), tap water pesticide levels in some cities exceeded safety norms. On top of that, organic farms use up to 50% less energy than conventional farms.

5. Organic Food Tastes Better

Organic Food Tastes Better

Conventionally grown food is full of pesticides, and it changes its flavor. According to most consumers, organic food is way more delicious than conventional products.

It might also happen because of the higher antioxidant levels, that are enhancing organoleptic qualities that are responsible for the aroma and taste of the product.

The final decision is up to you. If you stick to conventionally made food, nothing will change. But maybe it’s worth to give organic food a try? Natural food is undoubtedly more healthy, and, according to many consumers, it tastes better. If you feel like it’s time to start eating organic food, don’t waste more time and do it today!