Why You Need To Resign From Your Job Gracefully And Professionally

Why You Need To Resign The Proper Way

July 14th, 2021   |   Updated on October 9th, 2021

If you’re thinking of quitting your job then you must resign in the right way. Even if you have only been to the company for a short time you still need to leave without burning bridges.

You can’t just simply leave. Such an action can reflect negatively on you. Many people find it difficult to quit their jobs. Especially if it’s your first time to quit, you’ll really find the experience daunting.

There is a right and a wrong way to quit a job. If you don’t do it right, then you may offend your current employer. If you don’t want to create any conflict, then you need to quit the right way.

It’s important to resign the right way. It’s a way for you to show respect and gratitude to your current employer. Even if you’re not happy with your current job, it’s still the right thing to do to leave without causing any conflict.

You need to keep in mind that you may still need your current employer in the future when you start looking for a new job. You will require a reference from them after all.

Displaying proper etiquette as you leave your current job shows that you have good character. And good character is something that you need to maintain for your continued professional growth and career development.

The proper way to resign is to write a formal letter of resignation. Don’t just leave your position without saying a word. That is considered unethical and can put you into trouble.

You can’t just go to your boss and say “I quit” just like what they do in the movies. That is considered arrogant. You should avoid doing that even if you’re angry with your current boss.

It’s just not the right thing to do. It’s also not right to resign via a text message or a message in a chat app. That is also considered inappropriate. You really need to put your resignation in writing.

Writing a resignation letter eliminates the possibility that your action will be misunderstood. In your letter, you must state several things. First of all, you need to state the reason why you’re leaving your job.

You also need to state the final date of your employment. Don’t forget to thank your current employer for providing you with the opportunity to work with them.

You also need to express your willingness to cooperate during the transition period. Your letter should be brief and straight to the point. You need to make sure that your boss has received your letter before you go.

Why You Need To Resign The Proper Way

You must not slack on your job as you wait for your final day at work. You should still continue to do your best up to the last minute.

You must continue to do your job properly and to perform the tasks given to you. Don’t just wait and do nothing while you wait for your last day to come. That’s one of the worst things anyone can do after resigning from work.