Demystifying The Wonder Of Eyelash Extensions

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Published on August 14th, 2019

Women have continued to hold the beauty world by the jugular. They spare no expense to look tantalizing and ravishing. Apart from fashionable clothes, trendy shoes, and bespoke handbags, women have taken their game a step higher by fixing eye enhancements.

Eyelash extensions are thin fibers that are attached to the natural eyelashes using special adhesives. They resemble the natural eyelashes, though looking longer and thicker. On the eyes of a woman, they look both alluring and seductive while creating an impression of a sophisticated lifestyle.

They can be made with different materials which range from mink, silk, flat, and real fur. Of all the varieties, mink eyelash extensions are the most comfortable, the softest, and most natural-looking.

They look great when used as 3D mink eyelashes. These types are 3-dimensional in design and appear layered. They are simply amazing to behold. For sure, any woman wearing 3D mink eyelashes is always a head-turner.

1. How Do They Work?

The very first step to install a particular extension is to ably select the best type for you in terms of thickness, shape, and length. If you consult a qualified and experienced eyelash technician, he or she will help you do this satisfactorily.

The next thing is you have to lie on your back while protective pads are placed under your eyes and over the lower lashes. Of course, this is done while your eyes are closed.

Your technician will now use special precise tweezers to apply a unique adhesive on each strand of extension, placing the same one millimeter above the root of each of your natural eyelashes.

However, the process is different for fixing volume lashes, which usually create a more dramatic, open-eyed look. In this case, a few synthetic lashes are glued together to look like a fan, which will then be applied to the natural lashes with an adhesive.

Apart from giving you that exquisite look, eyelash extensions also work by protecting your eyes from dust.

2. Are They Safe And Comfortable?

Eyelash Extensions

If they aren’t, trust women, they would have dumped them long ago. Once the chosen type is the best for you and it has been professionally fixed by an experienced eyelash technician, you don’t have a problem.

They are safe and very comfortable. Some users have been known to say that they only remember they are wearing eyelashes when they are splashed with compliments.

3. Where To Learn How To Fix Them

This is not difficult, simply conduct research of lash studios near you and start your program. Additionally, you can also check YouTube tutorial videos online that give step by step instructions on how to fix them.

4. How To Get Them

They are available in lots of online and physical stores worldwide. Just search, and you will be amazed at the plethora of different brands and types available for you. You will also see reviews made by other users.

The bottom line, while using eyelash extensions, is that you need to consult a lash technician who has enough expertise to give you the best look possible.