25 Awesome Products Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

Awesome Products on Amazon

June 24th, 2017   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2021

Amazon has a section featuring products that people put on their wish lists and registries most often. Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week our readers are loving right now :

1. A flattering high-waisted bikini set that hugs your body and holds everything in place.

cool things to buy on amazon

Interesting Review : This suit is amazing!!! It fit beautifully and is super nice. The fabric quality seems perfect just as a bathing suit in store. The fit is perfect, my normal size Price : $15.99 Get One.


2. A travel wallet with RFID-blocking material to safeguard your credit cards so no idiots can mess with your identity.

things to buy on amazon

Interesting Review By Customer: “This is my new go to travel wallet! The rose gold is an awesome color choice. It has slots for everything you need. The color is great and it’s not bulky. If it had more than three credit card slots I would use it as my everyday wallet because that’s how much I love it. My pen kept falling out so I would suggest using a pen that has a clip in it. The inside flap came in handy for my plane boarding passes.. Price : $13.99 Click Here.


3. Super hydrating sleeping pack masquerading as adorable boba drinks.

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Interesting Review :  “Love this puppy. Very worth the money. I don’t find my face getting oily like I normally would with moisturising products. The beads are for added moisturising effects so don’t worry that there aren’t that many. My skin is so soft and clear. A much loved addition to my nightly routine.” Price :$12.99 Check Out Here.


4. A five-piece set of packing cubes so you can compartmentalize and organize all your shit so it’s not a sprawling mess.

cool stuff on amazon

Interesting Review: ” Great to keep your clothes neat while traveling. If you roll your clothes you can get an amazing amount of clothes in you suitcase.  Price : $22.95 Available here.


5. Flexible bluetooth headphones that deliver great sound no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

cool stuff to buy on amazon

Customer Review For Product: “These are great. Sound quality is really good. I love bass and one of the factors for me when I buy a pair of headphone is if you can hear the bass or feel it. You can definitely hear and feel the bass a little. I literally got these therefore I’ll do an updated review later when I test battery life etc. I work midnights and with the movements etc. of what I do when I work. I am confident that these will last a long time. So far a definently buy if your looking for headphones. I’ll update this review tomorrow. If anything crazy happens with the headphones you’ll know.. Price : $36.97 Get one here.


6. A chainmail scrubber for making your cast-iron pans sparkle without ruining their seasoned surface.

best things to buy on amazon

Product Review : “Best product I have ever purchase off of Amazon. It is a necessity for anyone with a cast iron skillet. You can run it under cold water for a minute in the sink and scrub away any burned on bits really easily!. Price :  $14.99 Visit here.


7. A foldable carry-on bag that’s super lightweight, waterproof, and tear-resistant — basically a traveler’s dream.

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Promising review : “This bag is as Big as it is in the pics. AND it’s more sturdier than I thought. Awesome for the price to. I bought this to be my “personal” bag for my flight since I am running from the airport to my cruise. Price : $12.99 Visit here.


8. A deep-plunge, backless one-piece for the sexy beach-going daredevils of the world.

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Promising review : “I feel so sexy in this bathing suit! I can’t wait to wear it to the beach party I’m going to. I think I will wear some double-sided tape to hold it in place around my boobs, but other than that it looks and fits perfectly. Price : $13.99 Get one here.


9. A multi-level palette organizer that might not totally justify your Urban Decay addiction, but at least helps tidy them up for easier access and ~bold~ looks.

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Interesting Review By Customers : “This organizer works great for my longer eye-makeup palettes, and it doesn’t take up too much space on my vanity. Price :  $12.99 Available here.


10. A tiny noise machine to help you sleep by drowning out the sounds of a noisy neighborhood.

stuff to buy on amazon

Promising review : “I can’t sleep without a fan. Period. I have tinnitus and the slightest noise wakes me. I plugged this little thing in and couldn’t believe it! It’s better than any fan I’ve ever owned. It’s loud enough and has several settings. It doesn’t look or feel cheap either. Price : $34.99 Check Out Here.


11. A water-resistant backpack that holds up to 20 liters of stuff (so big!) but also folds up for easy packing (so compact!).

fun things to buy on amazon

Interesting Review : “I purchased this backpack for a trip to Disney. It was the perfect size for carrying drinks for the kids, autograph books, and rain ponchos. It was extremely comfortable to wear and very lightweight. The best part is that it folds into a tiny pouch to pack back in your luggage for the return trip home. Would definitely recommend. Price : $15.99 Click Here.


12. A deep-conditioning argan oil hair mask formulated with green tea and aloe leaf to soothe your scalp and hair follicles.

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Product Review : “I came across this product (along with the shampoo) on Amazon and figured, like everything else, I’d give it a try. It seriously exceeded my expectations. I have to shampoo and condition daily because if I don’t, my hair looks greasy. The first time I used this set, I honestly felt like I could go two days without shampooing, it was that good. It also smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling very healthy. I don’t think I’ll buy anything else from now on. Price : $12.95 Get One.


13. Chic open-toe sandals that won’t give you a million blisters after a whole day of walking in them.

cheap things to buy on amazon

Interesting Review By Customers : “I am in love with these! I had seen many styles like this on Pinterest that are very on-trend this season. They do not look cheap at all, much more high-end-looking then they cost. You can wear the shoes with a dress or any sort of casual summer outfit. Because I am tall, I’m always looking for flat sandals that are also cute. They also have some cushioning on the soles that many flat sandals lack. Price :  $17.99 Click Here.


14. A mesmerizing flower-encapsulated jelly lipstick with lip temperature-adjusting powers for your own perfectly unique shade.

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Customer Review For Product : “This lipstick is not only pretty to look at, but it also adds just enough color to make me feel a little more made up. I like the pinkish rose color it gives to my lips. It is not drying at all; it’s more moisturizing. Love it. Price : $09.98 Check Out Here.


15. Mirrored rose gold sunnies that cost less than a caramel macchiato and make you look fierce all summer long.

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Interesting Review : ” There so cute they actually protect from the sin and they are so damn cute i reccomend them and definitley worth it for the price.” Price : $03.55 Available here.


16. Quick-absorbing antiperspirant foot lotion for long-lasting sweat protection.

best buys on amazon

Product Review: “This actually works! It makes wearing high heel shoes much more comfortable on warm days. It is expensive so I use it sparingly and only when I have to. I wouldn’t apply this with your bare hands either because it wont wash. I just squirt a little on a paper towel and apply it that way.”  Price : $14.95 Get one here.


17. A cute waterproof toiletry bag that unfolds to reveal endless (ok, just a lot) pockets and sections so you can freshen up like a star no matter where you are.

best things on amazon

Promising review : “This gets the job done. You can fit everything in without laying it on its side and risking it spilling out everywhere. Plus, I like that it takes up much less. Price :  $12.49 Visit here.


18. Fluffy AF makeup brushes to blend your makeup in seamlessly

cool gadgets to buy

Customer Review For Product : “These brushes are amazing. They are very soft, it’s hard to believe they are synthetic. They do have a chemical smell from the paint on the handles but the smell goes away with use. I am very pleased with this purchase. I made some images to label the brushes and explain each ones use. I hope they are helpful as many reviewers where confused about which brushes do what. I will recommend these to my friends. You just can’t find a better value. Price :  $09.99 Get One.


19. A dust-proof toothpaste dispenser and holder set that dispenses the perfect amount every time and also helps get the last drop out of every bottle.

cool things to get on amazon

Interesting Review : “I am not sure why so many people are complain about this making a mess. I have waited 2 months of use before making this review. With two adults, it had not made a single mess. Also I noticed someone complained that you can not use this with most tooth paste. That’s not true. I use crest with the big ends that if you just look at then, sure it won’t work. But those big caps screw off and then you have a standard screw base that fits perfect. My biggest problem was priming it for first use. Price : $08.99 Click Here.


20. A Clorox ToiletWand system with a ToiletWand handle, storage caddy, and six disposable cleaning heads for totally hands-free and germs-free scrubbing.

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Interesting Review By Customers : So, we have a toilet that belongs to the cats. We don’t use it, we don’t look at it, we like to pretend it does not exist. Even with semi-regular flushing, cat waste is pretty nasty stuff and built up quickly in the bowl. One of these wands cleaned it up in a single session. Price : $07.58 Check Out Here.


21. A fast-paced party game that will make you splutter for answers and your sides splinter due to intense laughter.

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Product Review : “This game a a lot of fun, though I will say it is a bit better with about 3-5 players than with more than that. It ends up suffering from the same problem as Cards Against Humanity with too many people playing, where there ends up being a weird lull in the game when everybody isn’t actively involved.” Price : $17.29 Available here.


22. A soothing seaweed-infused night cream to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration.

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Customer Review For Product: “This cream is amazing and I’ve used several night creams and this is by far the best. This cream is light and not greasy and does a great job of providing a night layer without feeling to heavy on your face.” Price : $16.99 Get one here.


23. A bamboo and charcoal blackhead-removing peel-off mask that destroys stubborn acne and clogged pores in their tracks.

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Interesting Review: “love love love. I’ve slowly been introducing myself to more skin care and facial products. this is one of my current favorites. I’ve tried both thicker, and thinner applications of this as a mask, using a brush to apply. It can be a little black when applied lightly. I would recommend using thick enough of a layer, so that you’ve got full coverage on the face– but not so much that it will never dry.” Price : $10.98 Visit here.


24. A magnetic screen door to keep unwanted bugs and pests out, while allowing humans and pets to go in and out freely.

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Interesting Review By Customers : “The original mesh was a little too small for my door. I realize now that this was my fault and not the fault of the product. Since it did not fit properly, it did not always close correctly and it soon developed a tear in the bottom corner. The tear was more than just an inconvenience, but my dogs’ heads sometimes got stuck in the hole and they would be trapped in the mesh until I realized it and freed them.” Price : $29.95 Get one here.


25. A boatload of ice pop pouches for making kid-friendly summer treats ~or~ adult-approved frozen cocktails.

cool cheap stuff on amazon

Interesting Review : “Love them! Already made a trial batch. Worked out great and I’m reusing them after a good washing! Just have to make sure no one bites through the plastic.. Lol.. Nice and durable! Adult cocktail frozen pops!” Price : $06.99 Available here.

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