25 Powerful NSFW Photos From The 2017 That Perfectly Capture The Beauty Of Giving Birth

Birth Photo Competition

March 2nd, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

Each birth is distinctive. Some take longer hours, while others happen in minutes. Some are smooth and easy, while others are too much complicated. We all acknowledge that every single birth is novel, and each parent goes through a welter of emotions that come crashing over you when you see your little one for the first time.

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The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has announced the winners of their 2017 contest, and the photos they chose show the struggles mothers go through to bring new life into the world, and the sheer joy that follows. Each one tells a story of pain, perseverance, and finally, relief. They document a baby’s first moments of life, and a family’s first moments of unity.

1 Best In Category: Birth Details, Pieces Of Me

Pieces Of Me

2. Best In Category: Postpartum, Straight From Heaven

Straight From Heaven

3. First Place Winner. Road To Deliverance

Heart To Heart Always

4. I’ve Been Waiting For You

look At Him

5. That First Gaze

That First Gaze

6. Skin To Skin Today. Heart To Heart Always

Nsfw Photos From The 2017 Birth Photo Competition

7. Falling In Love All Over Again


8. Best In Category: Delivery, With A Splash

Baby In Saafe Hand

9. Are You My Mama?

Birth Photo Competition

10. Freshly Squeezed

Nsfw Photos From The 2017 Birth Photo Competition

11. Mother’s Pure Bliss

Mother's Pure Bliss

12. Euphoric First Embrace Together


13. Honorable Mentions. Before The First Breath

First Breath

14. The Softest Landing Pad

Landing Pad

15. Honorable Mentions. Gentle Caesarean Birth

Gentle Caesarean Birth

16. Honorable Mentions. Catching Her Baby, Born Via Surrogacy

Catching Her Baby

17. Absorb



18. The End: A New Beginning

New Beginning

19. The First Look

The First Look

20. Honorable Mentions. Approaching Life

Approaching Life

21. Honorable Mentions. Surprise


22. Honorable Mentions. As She Rose From The Depths

She Rose From The Depths

23. Honorable Mentions. Joyful Finale

Joyful Finale

24. A Beautiful Transition

A Beautiful Transition

25. Honorable Mentions. Hello Before Goodbye

Birth Photo Competition