How Yoga Works For You And Your Body

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December 7th, 2017   |   Updated on April 6th, 2024

For thousands of years, yoga practitioners have vouched for the many benefits this form of exercise offers. Click here If you’re one who’s looking for an effective fitness routine that you can commit to and help you keep the weight off for good, then you should seriously consider yoga.

From improved heart health to increased flexibility, there are lots of benefits that will convince you to make yoga a part of your health plans.

How Yoga Works for You and Your Body

1. The Amazing Benefits of Yoga

All forms of exercise are designed to help people improve their health. But with yoga, it’s more than just boosting one’s physical health. Take a look at some of the most impressive perks of doing yoga.

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2. Boosts Your Emotional Health

When you are suffering from anxiety and depression and you engage in physical activities, like yoga, you will feel better afterwards. This is especially true if you join a yoga class. Exercising with a group boosts the production of oxytocin, which is known as the love hormone in your body, while meditating can increase serotonin (happiness hormones) levels.

3. Relieves Back Pain

Recent studies have found that yoga is extremely beneficial to those who are suffering from chronic back pain. This is because it can improve women’s flexibility and muscle strength. Sometimes, back pain can be a result of poor posture. By practicing yoga, you’ll be able to correct your posture, easing any pain and discomfort you may be feeling in that area.

4. Aids In Fertility

According to experts, yoga can be greatly beneficial for women who are trying to conceive. It helps them de-stress and improve their overall health, stimulating organ and hormone functions, as well as blood flow to reproductive organs.

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5. Improves Bone Health

Yoga is especially helpful for aging women, who are more prone to osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone diseases. Yoga postures, like downward-facing dog, can strengthen bones, increasing bone density in the process.

6. Boosts Immunity

As some women grow older, they tend to cut down on the physical activities they engage in, which could be due to their hectic schedules and busy lifestyles. But since they are exposed to toxins every single day, this could prevent drainage of the lymph, increasing the risk of infections and even cancer. By contracting and stretching the muscles regularly through yoga postures, you’ll be able to improve your lymphatic circulatory systems.

7. Regulates Heart Rate

Older women become more at risk of heart diseases, especially those who do not exercise. One activity that’s not as physically demanding as other fitness routines that women should engage in is yoga. Taking ashtanga classes can improve your heart rate to an aerobic range, improving your cardiovascular condition. Aside from that, it can increase your uptake of oxygen, helping you breathe better.

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8. Ensures A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most effective alternative medicines to treating insomnia is yoga. Lizard, locust, and wide-legged standing forward bend poses are just a few of the yoga postures that can help improve the quality of sleep. This is because these poses can help you relax and improve circulation in your body.

Final Thoughts

All in all, yoga offers many advantages to women or anyone for that matter. By practicing this form of exercise today, you’ll be on your way to a healthier, happier you.

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The following are a selection taken from the classical yoga text, the Bhagavad Gita:

  • Yoga is equanimity in success and failure (2:48)
  • Yoga is skill and efficiency in action (2:50)
  • Yoga is the supreme secret of life (4:3.)
  • Yoga is the giver of untold happiness (5:2)
  • Yoga is serenity (6:3)
  • Yoga is the destroyer of pain. (6:17)
    Read More By Pratik Barman

Yoga holds the power to transform our minds as much as it does our bodies. Here, some of the mental benefits of yoga.

  1. It’s a serious stress-buster.
  2. Yoga may help those with bipolar disorder.
  3. Yoga boosts brainpower.
  4. It can increase happiness.
  5. Boost to Weight Loss and Maintenance.
    Read More By Sara Williams

Yoga poses called asanas work by safely stretching your muscles. The poses cause your muscles to release the lactic acid that builds up with muscle use which causes stiffness, tension, pain, and fatigue. Yoga also increases the range of motion in your joints, maybe increasing lubrication in the joints. The outcome is a sense of ease and fluidity throughout your body. That increased flexibility means less risk of injury, less muscle and joint pain. You will also notice an increase in your muscular endurance for other kinds of work-outs. Read More Here… By Nicolas J. King, Fitness Instructor

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Yoga, an antiquated yet consummate science, manages the development of mankind, this advancement incorporates all parts of one’s being, from real wellbeing to self acknowledgment. Read More Here… By Lini Antony, B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering, Marian Engineering College (2013)

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Yoga is often times misunderstood as either a mystical religious practice or solely a physical practice. When you trap yoga into these two categories, you can only perceive a limited number of benefits it offers. At the same time, since yoga is not directly tied to any religion, one can pick and choose aspects that resonate mostly with them. That’s the positive side of yoga. You can tae what works for you without buying into the entire idea. Read More Here…Alina, former Yoga Student at AYM Yoga Teachers Training School Rishikesh (2016-2017)

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Yes, I believe so, for many reasons. From a purely physical standpoint, it keeps your body flexible and strong, bringing oxygen to the joints and muscles and allowing better range of motion as you age. The yogic breathing is beneficial for your brain and lungs and every cell in the body needs oxygen. Read More Here… By Patricia Bacall, Bachelors Degree Learning Life Lessons & Understanding Human Emotion, Art Center College of Design (1994)

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Yoga fanatics tout the benefits of yoga . For most of us, it is because yoga has so profoundly changed our lives that we want to shout about it from the rooftops. But the truth is, yoga does have a dark side. There are some legitimate reasons why someone may want to consider avoiding starting or maintaining a practice. In order to save you from any pain or suffering. Read More Here…. By Sunita Dafauti, practicing yoga since childhood

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Undoubtedly, yoga is really very good for health. There are lots of benefits of doing yoga on daily basis. Yoga played an integral role in today’s world so you can become stronger, especially, if you are seeking a way to well-being. Some major reasons are mentioned below…Read More Here… By Shilpi Vohra, Master’s Healthy Living, University of Delhi (2013)

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Yes, Yoga ( Sanskrit, Listen) is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline. Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. The continued practice of yoga will lead you to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with their environment. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible Read More Here… By Karnika

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Yoga only came to be understood as a standalone group of exercises since it came to the west in the 1960s. It was originally a lifestyle which encompassed spiritual, mental and physical practices. Read More Here… By Helen Beers, RYT 200, CELTA-qualified TEFL, MA Cultural Astrology

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Yes. Any form of good meditation, exercise and stretches could be very beneficial to your health. So, I guess Yoga is. Don’t Just Get Fit. Be Fit & Well. Start ANGEL Workout For Total Fitness. Read More Here… By Ignatius Ajuebor Jnr, Lifestyle and Weight management Coach 

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Benefits of a regular Yin yoga practice

  • Calms and balances the mind and body
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases circulation
  • Improves flexibility
  • Releases fascia and improves joint mobility
  • Balances the internal organs and improves the flow of chi or prana

Read More By Lisa Heden

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Doing yoga asanas has helped me appreciate my body and how it functions better than any other activity. This has taught me patience and brought a calmness into my life. I know understand how my body is connected and how the slightest movement in one part affects another part. Read More By Jill Bamford 

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Yoga is not a new practice—it has been known to mankind though the ages. Yoga is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that help elevate your mood, cleanse your spirit, invigorate your body, and sharpen your mind. Read More By Radha Negi 

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Practising yoga in the morning helps clear your mind and gets you all charged up for the day! Tip to be noted: Doing Yoga on an empty stomach is more beneficial. Twisting and challenging arm balances become easier when you’re not competing with digestion. Read More By Wearezorba 

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Lowers stress and improves your mood. Some yoga methods use specific meditation techniques, which focus the mind on your breathing to quieten the constant ‘mind chatter’, relieves stress and allow you to feel relaxed. Practising these breathing techniques on a yoga and meditation retreat can also boost oxygen levels to the brain, leaving you feeling happier and more content with everyday life. Read More Here… By Pablo Richard 

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Answer is yes but I think for youth it’s waste of time how much time we will give for yoga that time we can use for gym. For youth it’s more vanficial compair then yoga. By gym we can maintain our fitness better compare then yoga but fir senior citizen it’s good it will help them . Read More Here… By Aarif Mirza, studied at MCA(NIT Raipur)

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Its hard to tell from your question what you are looking for from a yoga practice. As a physical exercise routine, as most Westerners practice it, hatha yoga and vinyasa classes are both great ways to build muscle tone and long lean muscles. It will increase your core, your stability, your balance. Read More Here… By Jacquie Smolak Stephens, ERYT 200, YACEP – the more I learn the less I know.

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You answered your own question – don’t you think endorphins and a relaxed feeling incurred without drugs help a person psychologically? I can attest that they helped me. In order to accept that yoga “works” mentally, you must accept that physical and mental wellbeing are intertwined and codependent. If you can’t accept that, then you may never experience yoga as more than a workout. Read More Here… By Nina Kilbride

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Regular practice of yoga provides you healthy body and happy, peaceful mind. Increases intuitive abilities, helps to let go stresses very easily, increases energy levels and enthusiasm. Brings you closer to your true nature. And what more does one need ? Read More Here… By Amol Sarnaik

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Yoga can change your life for the better – it certainly has for me. I have been practicing yoga on and off for 10 years but in the past 3 years since I started practicing more regularly I noticed significant shifts in my life. I feel that yoga keeps me sane in the hectic Southern California world that I live in. After completing a 200 hr yoga teacher training this past spring I noticed even more…Read More Here… By Linda Halabi, 200 HR Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher

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Weight loss, a muscular and flexible body, glowing beautiful skin, peaceful mind, good wellness – whatever you may be looking for, yoga has it on offer. The regular practice yoga helps in controlling an individual’s mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to reach a peaceful body and mind; it helps manage stress and anxiousness and keeps you relaxing. Read More Here… By Yog Rishi Brajesh, works at Avatar Yoga School

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