10 Best Expense Tracker Apps To Track Your Spending

Best Expense Tracker Apps

Published on June 19th, 2019

In today’s hectic schedules, keeping your expenditure in control is not an easy task to accomplish. By the end of the month, most of us are not aware of what went wrong and where we needed to control our expenses.

Here again, technology comes to our rescue. There are multiple smartphone apps which can monitor the money we spent and thus keep us informed whether we are going out of budge or not.

However, not all of these apps are reliable. That is why we have prepared a list of the best expense tracker apps for you. Using these apps you can fill in all the overheads where you have put in some money in the month.

You can then keep a track of if you have exceeded your budget and control the expenses as and when the days proceed further.

With the help of these apps, you can also find ways by which you can control your habit of spending money on unnecessary items.


1. Personal Capital

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is the smart way to track and manage your financial life. We combine award-winning financial tools that provide unprecedented transparency into your finances with personal attention from registered financial planners. And as fiduciaries, our advisors are legally bound to act in your best interest so we will never put our personal financial gain above yours. The result is a complete transformation in the way you understand, manage and grow your net worth.

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Review: money under 30

Personal Capital is a hybrid digital wealth management company.  They offer a free online and mobile personal finance and investment management app. I first found Personal Capital when we went looking for alternatives to Mint, the most widely-known personal finance and budgeting app.

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2. Mint


Finally, there’s one place to manage all your finances with ease. Mint is the free money manager and financial tracker app from the makers of TurboTax® that does it all. We bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills and investments so you know where you stand. See what you’re spending, where you can save money, and track your bills in Mint like never before. You can even keep track of your credit score to help you be smart about it, no credit card required.

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Review: PCMag

Mint is an excellent personal finance service that has won multiple Editors’ Choice awards thanks to its simplicity, usability, and smart blend of financial tools. It lets you set up connections to all of your online finance accounts, check your credit score, and get a good estimate of your net worth. Mint is easy to access on your smartphone or even your Apple Watch. Even better, Mint is free, which is possible because the service frequently displays ads for credit cards and other finance products.

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3. Spendee


Understand your finances better with Spendee, the FREE budgeting app that tracks your spending, optimizes your budget and helps you save money.

Spendee will help you track your money (both expenses and income) automatically through bank sync or manually so that you can analyze, organize and budget them for the future. You can invite others to manage your shared family or household budgets. With Spendee you can take control of your money in multiple currencies and across multiple bank accounts.

Tracking and managing your personal finances has never been easier. Now you can connect your Spendee account with your online banking, E-Wallet (e.g. PayPal) or crypto-wallet (e.g.Coinbase). All your imported transactions will be downloaded and categorized automatically.

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A popular choice, and understandably so. The minimalistic interface is easy to navigate. The main page gives an overview of your weekly spending, organised from the most recent expenses or savings to the least recent. There are also options to display an overview of the month, year or a custom period of time.

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4. Clarity Money – Budget Tools

 Clarity Money - Budget Tools

Take control of your budget and expenses with Clarity Money. We use machine learning to analyze your personal finances and help you make smart decisions about your money: from budgeting to saving to spending.

Clarity Money Can Help You…

  • Save time: Organize your bills and expenses
  • Save money: Cancel unwanted subscriptions like Pandora, Hulu, Spotify, The New York Times and Dollar Shave Club and automate your savings
  • Keep tabs: Track your spending, savings, debt and investment accounts in one place
  • Build a budget: Manage your cash flow and see your spending habits
  • Monitor progress: Check your free credit score

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Review: PCMag

Given how easy it’s getting to digitally trace financial transactions down to the cup of coffee you charge to your credit card, keeping tabs on your personal finances has never been easier. The more your transactions are logged, the easier it is to have a record of them, categorize them, and analyze them. Clarity Money is one of many personal finance apps that, like our Editors’ Choice Mint, consolidates your financial accounts and transactions into one app from which you see both the fine details of your spending habits and the larger picture of your financial health. Although it has one or two features that Mint does not have, Clarity Money is not nearly as fine-tuned as Mint. More importantly, when I tested the app, I saw some red flags that made me feel uncomfortable using it.

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5. Goodbudget Budget Planner

 Goodbudget Budget Planner

Goodbudget is a personal finance app for budget planning and money management. Share a budget with sync across multiple phones (and the web!).

Goodbudget is perfect for sharing a budget with a spouse, family member, or friend. Sync across multiple devices including iPhones, other smartphones, and the web.

  • Transactions synced with the cloud and accessible from other devices, including Goodbudget’s web app!
  • Stay on the same page about finances with those close to you
  • Your data is automatically and securely backed up to Goodbudget’s website
  • Download transactions to CSV (on website)

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Review: PCWorld

Like You Need a Budget and Every Dollar, Goodbudget uses the envelope system to help you get a grip on your spending. It doesn’t espouse as strong a philosophy as either of those two popular apps, but it does provide an easy-to-follow path to household solvency.

Note: This review is part of our budgeting apps roundup. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

Goodbudget’s browser-based interface is pretty straightforward. A pair of tabs on the left sidebar house your envelopes, and your bank accounts and transactions are listed in the main pane. A navigation toolbar spans the top of the screen.

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6. Monefy


How to track your expenses successfully? We know that it’s easy. You only need to add each expense you do… no more than that! And Monefy is going to help you. Just add new records when you are buying a coffee or taking a taxi. It’s done in one click, because you don’t need to fill anything except the amount. It has never been so quick and enjoyable!

Do you own a phone and a tablet? Or you want to track expenses with your significant other? Monefy fits the best. You can safely synchronize data between all your devices. Create or change records, add new categories or delete old ones and they will be present on other devices right away!

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Review: iTunes

Needed something more digital to write down all my monthly expenses and this is it. Wish you could do months ahead but hopefully, that’ll come in the app upgrading. Check this app out!!

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7. Wallet


Wallet is your finance planner that helps you flexibly plan your budget and track spending, so you stay in control and achieve your goals. Actively plan, manage and get a report concerning your finances, together with the people you trust, across multiple currencies, banks and financial institutions. Upload your Loyalty or Reward cards too. Get and keep full control of your finances. Tracking your money just got easier.

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Review: maketecheasier

Simple in name but robust in nature, Wallet is a financial tool that does it all without fuss. It syncs with your bank transactions if you so wish and has cloud sync, too, which means you can access it from multiple devices. One of its most understated but clever features is a widget that lets you enter expenses right from your Andorid home screen.

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8. Monny


Start your money tracking adventure with Monny, and make your dreams come true. Monny will help you to build the most important skills needed for your personal finance.

You are the key to make it happen.

  • Take care of the money
  • Take care of the unnecessary
  • Take care of your dreams

Monny Features:

  • Simple and fast entry, making expense tracking easy
  • Friendly analytical reports, charts, and top rankings
  • Separate account books, which comes in handy when traveling
  • Backup support: export, import, email, xls
  • Daily notification alert reminds you to track expenses
  • Passcode lock for more privacy & security

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What We Like: I like the layout of the main page for this app. It has all your recent spendings, your total expenses and the remaining amount of money to spend all in one place. The app also gives you mini challenges to make saving a bit more exciting! For example, the first challenge is to key in entries for 7 days straight, which would be helpful for getting you into the habit of using the app, if you’ve never used expense-tracking apps before.

There’s a “Report” tab where you can take a look at your expenses and income over a customisable period of time. The number of categories under expenses aren’t as extensive as some of the other apps, but there are enough options and you can easily add up to 3 new categories.

What Can Be Improved: Nothing! This one actually comes in at a close second for my favourite app. Also, the Monny bunny is adorable.

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YNAB will help you break the paycheck to paycheck cycle, get out of debt, and save more money. On average, new users save $600 in the first two months, and more than $6,000 in the first year. Try it free for 30 days.

Key Features:

  • Bank Synching—Easily connect all your accounts in one place.
  • On the Go— Realtime access to all your data makes it simple to share finances with a partner.
  • Debt Paydown—The tools and teaching you need to help you get out of debt for good.
  • Goal Tracking—Set and track goals to reach them faster.

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Review: PCWorld

As you can tell by its name, YNAB (You Need a Budget) makes no bones about the fact you need to manage your money rather than the other way around. The popular program, which started life more than a decade ago as manual-input desktop software, is now a subscription-based web app that can sync with your financial accounts.

Note: This review is part of our roundup of the best budgeting software. Go there for details about competing products and how we tested them.

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10. Mvelopes

Start today by downloading the Mvelopes budget app and use it for free for 30 days, add your financial institutions and come up with a budget that will keep you on the path to financial freedom. You will get all your transactions sent to your Mvelopes account and you will easily be able to track all your account balances in one easy to use app. Mvelopes uses an envelope budgeting method to help you plan and track your household or personal budget. You can assign and manage your budget, as well as receive feedback on where you have spent your money and how much you have remaining

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Review: TopTenReviews

Mvelopes is a personal finance software that modernizes the physical budgeting strategy of putting real money in paper envelopes. You can connect Mvelopes directly to your financial institutions, including bank and credit card accounts, for a continually updated look at all of your financial transactions. There are three plans available: Mvelopes, Mvelopes Premier and Mvelopes Coaching. The basic plan is free, and you have to sign up for it before you can see the pricing for the Premier plan, which is awkward compared to the clearly posted pricing found on most personal finance software websites.

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