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Top 6 Prettiest And Best Places To Visit In England

Best Places To Visit In England

Published on December 21st, 2018

England for many may just be a small country with rugged countryside but for others, it is made up of beaches and golden hills.

London is the heart of the country as people of various arts and interests consider it as their secret haven.

From Cornwall’s rugged cliffs to glassy meres of Lake District there is everything that can satiate your artistic interests. Here we bring you 6 best places that are must visit in England.

1. Yorkshire

Best Places To Visit In England

Visitors do not visit Yorkshire just like that. Its landscaped beauty and natural wonders are the main reasons why this place is on top of the wish list for most.

Comprising of a wild coastline, three national parks, and marvelous Victorian architecture Yorkshire can, in other words, be called as God’s own country.

Food and drinks available here matches that of any other rich location. Unfortunately, the place receives nearly 40 million visitors per year and so you might just not like the clutter.


2. Cotswolds

The Lake Districts and the Cotswolds

Honey colored towns of Cotswold have the ability to transport you into a different era. Lively galleries, vibrant festivals and a plethora of interesting museums are what you get when you visit this destination.

Cotswold covers nearly five counties and is the biggest of 38 areas. Every season here is extremely special and truly enjoyable. Spring shall welcome lambs and wild daffodils while winters come with bonfires and low hotel prices.

3. Norfolk


A sleepy countryside this place lets you just relax and laze around. Interesting old age charm coupled with medieval castles, churches and half-timbered wool towns and this place becomes a dream destination for most tourists.

The countryside has a variety of places which you can visit. Country houses, nature reserves, steam gardens take your pick.


4. London


When talking about England how can we miss the ever-energetic London city? The place is always in a hurry and that is evident from the way the lives are progressing.

When there the changing landscape of restaurants, bars, and theatres show you how things have modified. British Museum, Tate galleries, and Royal National theatre should be on top of your things to do list for sure.

Undoubtedly the place would leave you marveled with its unique blend of history and modernity in architecture.

5. Devon


Keen on a holiday in Devon let us tell you what awaits you there. Any holiday there is just wholesome as cream teas, craggy coves, surf strolls and breaks await you here.

Devon is known worldwide for just two things- Its artistic locales and great food. You will find the peasants there offering you these delicacies and spoil you for more choices.

Plus the pastures of mid-Devon are an invitation to come and explore a place which has largely remained unaffected by time.


6. Suffolk


It is the beach life here which is the biggest crowd puller for Suffolk. You will always find the place up for a kite flying session, or family picnic.

For nature lovers, Suffolk offers a wide collection of Birds and coastal wildflowers to sightsee. The wetlands of Broads are home to nearly 400 rare species which you just should not miss.

Close by the coastal towns of Southwold and Aldeburgh are quaint and picturesque enough to make your stay there memorable.

England is rich not just in terms of its heritage and history but also in terms of its scenic beauty. When planning a trip there do make sure to explore these six places at least. One peek into their grandeur will give you a fair idea of what that country is all about.

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