What Happens If Queen Elizabeth II Dies Tomorrow?

Royal Familys Queen Elizabeth II

Published on April 18th, 2018

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest running monarch of England, has always caught the imagination of the people.

Since her accession to the throne upon the death of her father, King George VI, in 1952,  she remains the most popular among the members of the British royal family. And, it seems, no one can take her place soon.

Queen Elizabeth

The monarch has seen around 12 prime ministers during her reign and she has lived through 12 presidents of United States. She is officially, 91 now.

As every good thing comes to an end,  Queen Elizabeth, the Second, to put in the typical Game of Thrones style, the Queen of the Realm, the Head of the Commonwealth, the ruler of the Territories, the Defender of immense faith is not going to live long.

So what exactly will happen when England’s beloved queen dies?

While speaking of the highness’ death is considered to be treason and a crime, planning what happens after her death is no longer a blasphemy considering her age. The plans for Queen Elizabeth II’s passing are intricate, meticulous, and even rehearsed.

170504100919-01-prince-philip-queen-elizabeth-2007-restricted-super-tease The whole country will be spiraled into tears but apart from that, there will also be a lot of things that can change both outsides as well as inside the Buckingham Palace.

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Queen Elizabeth II Dies

The protocol for the country, code-named “London Bridge“, involves 12 days of mourning, very specific public announcements, and a new monarch.



Prince Charles Becomes King Immediately 



Therefore, altogether her passing will immediately cause few announcements, 12 days of immense despair and a new monarch as well. When her father King George died, Princess Elizabeth was only 26, and she immediately became the Queen.


Even though she did not have the coronation for an entire year, the moment his father died, she was declared as the Queen. Therefore, this tradition will be continued for this generation as well. And this tradition will continue when Elizabeth II dies, Prince Charles, her son, will become the king.

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 The Queen’s Private Secretary Will Be Tasked With Breaking The News

Queen Elizabeth II Dies_3

Sir Christopher Geidt, Elizabeth II’s private secretary will call the Prime Minister, who will then spread the news to the 15 other countries of which Elizabeth II is head of state, as well as the 36 other nations in the Commonwealth, including Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Still, numerous steps to be followed before the news of the Queen’s passing making would be made public.

Only after all the countries have been officially informed will the news of the queen’s passing be made public — but even then there will be numerous steps to follow.

The News Won’t Be ‘Official’ Until Buckingham Palace Pins A Literal Note To The Palace Gates

Britain's Queen Elizabeth smiles as she attends a dinner at the Corinthia Palace Hotel - Malta

It’s time for the public to be told that their monarch is dead. Yes, the official notice comes in the form of a written note physically put on the palace gates.

The palace website will change to a single black page with only the news of the queen’s death. The Press Association will be notified, and then the statement can be published online and in print all over the world.

The Codename For The Plans For The Queen’s Death Has Been A Secret For Years — Until Now

Royal Familys Queen Elizabeth II

The code name for Queen Elizabeth II’s death has been top secret – until recently. It is now widely believed to be “London Bridge.” The phrase “London Bridge is down” will be said to convey the news of her passing.

Some More Important Protocols And Announcements

  • There Are A Number Of Plans In Case The Queen Doesn’t Die In London
  • There Will Be 10 Days Official Mourning Which Will End After The Official Funeral
  • The Queen’s Body Will Lie In State At Westminster Hall
  • The New King Will Take A Four Day Tour Of Britain While The Queen Lies In State
  • The Queen’s Funeral Will Cost Great Britain Billions Of Dollars
  • Prince Charles Will Most Likely Change His Name
  • Coins And Stamps Will Eventually Have The Queen’s Image Phased Out
  • The Coronation Of Prince Charles Will Be Held A Year Later At Westminster Abbe

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