How To Renew 2-Wheeler Insurance Online?

bike insurance renewal

Published on November 15th, 2022

In order to legally ride your motorcycle in India, the Indian Motor Vehicles Act mandates that you have third-party liability insurance.

In addition, you may choose a wide variety of additional coverage to further increase the security of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

To guarantee that you are always safeguarded against financial loss, you must renew your insurance policies before they lapse.

Happily, you can now conveniently Renew Two Wheeler Insurance online. Here’s what you’ll need to know to renew your bike insurance policy in a few easy clicks:

Go To An Insurance Company’s Website

Your first stop should be the website of your insurance company. Choose the same insurance company or shop around for the best deal online. The majority of insurers now let you renew your bike insurance policy online.

When you get there, search for a link that says something like “Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal.” To go to the next section, please choose this option.

Complete The Renewal Form

To access the renewal form, just pick the renewal option. In order to renew your insurance for your motorcycle or scooter online, you need have all of the necessary paperwork on available. Before hitting the “Submit” button, double verify your completed form.

Subscription Fee Payment In Cyberspace

When you fill out the renewal form, information about your renewed insurance policy will be shown. Before making any payments, double-check the details of the policy and the premium.

To make things easier for their customers, most insurance companies now accept a variety of payment methods. The insurance premium may be paid in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Have Your Insurance Policy Renewed

A success notice will appear on your screen as soon as the payment is processed. You may get a PDF copy of your policy from certain insurance providers on their websites, while others will email you a copy.

The process of renewing your 2-wheeler insurance policy online is complete after you’ve saved the received file and printed it off for your records.

Using A Mobile Phone To Renew Your Insurance On A Motorcycle

There are a growing number of insurance companies that provide mobile apps that make it possible to renew your two-wheeler insurance policy.

In order to renew your insurance coverage using your provider’s mobile app, just repeat the procedures outlined above.

Get Your Insurance For Your Motorcycle Or Scooter Renewed Quickly And Easily

If you want to keep yourself covered against the financial responsibilities that might result from an accident involving your two-wheeled vehicle, you should renew your two-wheeler insurance policy online once it has expired.

You may renew a policy after insurance has expired, but doing so might mean giving up any accrued advantages, such as a no-lapse bonus, if you do.


You may now renew your insurance policy without ever setting foot in the insurance company’s office again thanks to online policy renewal.

Time and effort are both saved and conveniences are greatly increased in this manner. Now that you know how to renew your policy online, it’s in your best interest to do it well before your policy’s term ends.

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