How Blockchain Certification Can Boost Your Career?

Blockchain Certification

September 18th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

The blockchain market opportunity estimated to reach over $3.1 trillion by 2030, says Gartner. While a report by The World Economic Forum predicts 10% of the GDP will be stored on blockchains or any blockchain-related technology.

Though there is a rumor regarding this technology being in its nascent stage, doubts against security, reliability, speed, and scalability persist.

Undeniably blockchain technology is already defining structures in our financial, legal, and economic system by protecting assets and setting up organizational boundaries. Establishing and verifying identities are major features that this technology offer.

From healthcare to the voting system, music to energy production blockchain may change the way we’re working in our day to day lives.

The Emergence Of Blockchain

What Is Blockchain Technology_1

You must have heard of cryptocurrency, well this was how the concept of blockchain technology came to being. At this stage, it would be right to say how our digital economy received an absolute overhaul due to blockchain.

These transformations have been successfully led by top giant companies like Google, Amazon, and Yahoo along with many others transformation the world from how it once used to be.

The technology evolved after the global stock market crashed in 2008. It was designed to make big strides in the financial market, and other fields like banks, stock-markets, record-keeping, insurance, and smart contracts, etc.

Two blockchain technologies are currently used by the global market. First is the Bitcoin blockchain and second, Ethereum blockchain.

The Bitcoin blockchain is specially devised for providing security and transparency of accounting virtual Bitcoin.

This further makes the transfer of money, and trading in cryptos secured, decentralized, and transparent. While Ethereum blockchain is quite similar to Bitcoin blockchain provides programming logic.

Thus, digital activities, transactions, as well as providing a programmable platform for users can easily be done.

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Why Do You Need Blockchain Certification?

What blockchain technology

Considering the fact about blockchain being futuristic, it is considered to be a potential bearing technology in the upcoming future.

Do you still need a reason to learn blockchain technology? While blockchain keeps growing so will the need for professionals like blockchain engineer. To stand out in a competitive job market, being certified could be your only chance.

Here’s why you need blockchain certification: –

  • Get hands-on experience – a self-taught professional may learn theoretical skills but won’t be able to implement this theory into practical usage. To get into the industry, practical skills are crucial. By taking up certification programs the candidate gets the privilege of learning skills both theory as well as hands-on experience.
  • Demonstrate your expertise – for potential employers, demonstrating skills gets tough as they’re stringent with their hiring policies. For tech professionals working in the IT domain, you must have the ability to demonstrate these skills in the form of projects. Being certified gives you an added advantage in this competitive market.
  • Grab the full advantage of learning online – while enrolling for a certification program, you get the opportunity of learning through a well-structured curated learning path. While self-taught can be challenging. Organizing your learning structure and maintain a curriculum can be difficult without having extensive knowledge about the industry.

Taking up blockchain certification accelerates your blockchain career. Becoming a certified blockchain professional will not only allow you to grab job role that pays lucrative compensation but it also keeps you at the top priority for employers.

The blockchain market moves into rapid growth. Beneath the hype, blockchain has high expectations and have risen in almost multiple sectors. No doubt, it has always been a buzzword in the financial world.

Even so, not many have dipped their toes in the blockchain water. Having said that, it is still possible to pick up blockchain skills and successfully build a career in blockchain. Now’s the right time to take a break into the field.