How Chat Box On A Dating Site Can Bring Singles Closer Than Ever Before

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Published on July 28th, 2018

Do you know where most people fail while searching for a partner online? It’s the initial conversation that ruins everything for most of the people.

A survey found that more than 50% of the men don’t start the conversation within 24 hours of getting a match, and around 35% of the people start the first conversation with ‘Hey’ or ‘Hii’ or ‘Whatsup’.

It’s time to take your conversations seriously if you are really serious about finding a partner. There are thousands of dating sites to chat in UK, France, Germany and all over Europe, you just require some good communication skills to torch-up your chances of getting a date.

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You are surely not a Brad Pit or Christopher Hemsworth that women will beg to have a conversation with you.

Online dating is a game; to win the game and enjoy your trophy you need to be strong at your strategies. This is the real reason why majority of the quality dating websites are coming up with inbuilt chat boxes.

Good conversation is the most important element of getting successful in online dating. We are going to talk everything about ‘why’ and ‘how’ of conversation on online dating platforms.


1. Establishing Good Conversation Is Essential Because Of Its Role

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Communication is helping singles comes closer, your perfect partner will slip away from your hand if you are unable to establish a good conversation with her.

So try keeping your shitty ego aside and try to have a healthy conversation with your match.


2. Chatting Helps Individuals To Know Each Other Better

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That’s so obvious, right? Then why the hell you are taking ages to send your first text? Don’t confine yourself with the boring messages like ‘Hiii’ or ‘what’s up ’, go through their profile pictures and biography and start some interesting conversation.


3. Chatting On Dating Sites Helps Set Expectations For The Long Term

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Detailed conversation makes everything easy; it allows you to setup the expectations and decide whether you will be able to have a long term relationship with a person.

Don’t worry, in the further phase of this article we will be discussing the communication tips to get an idea about the real nature of person you are talking to and to get the compatibility score as well.


Establishing Good Communication


1. Be Frank And Truthful While You Chat Online On A Dating Site:

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Staying true plays an important role while going for an online date, many people pretends to be super rich or having an exotic lifestyle that lie might get you involved in few more dates but that strategy is never going to take you further.

Staying true to the persons you are talking to will make sure that you will be having nothing to hide for future.


2. Keep Your Chats Discreet Initially:

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One of the most awful thing most of the people do while having their initial conversation with someone is they start having a conversations about almost everything.

Disclosing your all information on the initial conversations is a sign of immaturity and this can be an instant turn-off.

Instead of leaking every detail about yourself try to be more humorous and discuss on interesting topics, stop discussing about your previous affairs on your first conversation.


3. Interesting Conversation While Using A Chat Box Is The Key:

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Everyone know that holding an interesting conversation is a key to success but most of the people are unable to do that practically, lets discuss some of the basic tips to have a long conversation without losing interest.

  • Stop Asking Stupid Questions: many guys uses very common opening like ‘Hii’ or ‘whatsup’ or ‘How are you’, there are the most common question that everyone is going to ask her, stand-out with some unique conversation openers.
  • Play Rapid-Fire: this is my personal favorite, it help is retain tons of information about the person I am talking to. Some of the examples might be “what would you prefer beach or hills”, “most thrilling thing ever done” or “first affair?” or “foodie or fitness”
  • Start with open-ended questions: Questions that will compel her to give an answer in sentences instead of one-word, instead of asking “do you live with your family” ask “with whom you live with”, instead of asking “love football” ask “which sports do you like most?”
  • Find Some Common Ground: finding a common ground can work wonders in improving the quality of conversations, the best way to know more about her is through open questions and some rapid fire rounds.
  • Keep The Humor Alive: Most of the people who come to dating site are in search of happiness in life and being humorous can be a great way to raise her interest in you. Restrain yourself from getting into serious topics.