Busking With Rav Vast. 3 Best Drums For Street Musicians

Busking With Rav Vast

March 16th, 2020   |   Updated on March 18th, 2020

You can do busking for money or for the recognition for your art, being filmed by passing-byes, get shared on social media and wake up famous next morning with millions of views.

No matter what your aim is, you need a good handpan drum or a tongue drum to rock up.

Before we jump into making the choice of the right instrument a no-brainer task for you, let us equip you with some necessary knowledge – a shortlist for successful busking – you’d better know before you start.

Finding The Right Place

Success is about doing the right things in the right place. If you plan to go busking with a handpan/tongue drum it obviously should be a hotspot.

You can’t expect to attract a big audience being hidden in the park bushes or standing on a highway.

Opt for the places where the abundance of people wander around with no rush (entrance of a business center is not a good choice). Pay attention to the level of noise.

Handpans and tongue drums have a very soft voice and can be muffled if you stay near a subway entrance or busy street.

So choose some relatively silent places like pedestrian streets where people take long walks. And one more thing, try to choose the place where you feel comfortable.

Don’t hesitate to take off the beaten track to find yourself the best spot (these are usually found accidentally).

1. Having Fun Of Playing


There’s no need to mention, you should have a passion for what you are doing and enjoy the process of playing.

No one will make a stop and put a penny in the old man’s hat if the musician is grumpier than the famous cat.

Concentrate on the idea of simply sharing your music with people and you will reap greater rewards.

2. Choosing The Right Instrument.

Uniqueness is the key. A handpan busker is not as rare as hen’s teeth anymore. You’ll definitely want to surprise the audience with something new.

Here’s where RAV Vast has much to offer. The RAV Vast tongue drum’s sound has its own unique voice with an outstanding long sustain and the handpan sound quality.

You get a deep acoustic sound as each note can last up to 25 seconds.

Besides it has an eye-catching design with its unusual shape, whimsically curved tongues, deep blue color, and a shining golden rim.

One more perk, the RAV Vast drum’s price is much lower than one of a hang drum.
Now, how to choose one?

Different drums create a totally different mood. Choosing the right mood is essential to gather an appreciative audience.

Depending on which effect you want to achieve, you can decide on the scale.

You can get an idea of how each instrument sounds by trying the RAV Vast Virtual player (it will also help you to understand which scale resonates the best to you).

Here is our recommendation of top-3 drums that work especially great for busking and will make the crowd stop and gaze open-mouthed taken by surprise.

3. G Pygmy

Pygmy is a very popular scale in a handpan world. With this RAV Vast, you’ll be able to create really mysterious and captivating melodies.

A great advantage of this scale is that it’s unbelievably easy to play. No need to think about the technique so you can just start broadcasting the music that sounds in your heart right away.

It’s accessible even for beginners and it still has much to offer for experienced musicians.

When playing G Pygmy you can easily switch between major and minor mood, i.e. between joyful and lyric melodies depending on what audience you are gathering around at the moment.

4. A Marmara


It’s a scale with a very smooth minor sound. It’s great for creating soft lyric ballades.

People from the crowd will make a stop near you and ask you to touch and even try to play to understand how you get these amazing serene sounds.

This scale disposes of a very special range of notes that are not accessible within any other RAV Vast and can be played by both beginners and seasoned players.

5. B Onoleo


This scale is great for solo performances and busking on a street as it has a really special voice with some vibes of ancient Egyptian music.

The melodies that you can create with this scale will differ from anything people heard before, and what can be better for busking? This scale can be a little tricky for beginners, but it definitely will be loved by advanced players.

A small tip for you here. A great thing about busking is that even if you make mistakes dealing with this tricky scale, no one will ever notice. So you can use this time to practice and improve your playing skills and improvisation.

A Bonus Option

If you are adherent to handpan sound, you can choose one from the RAV Pan collection: the F Pygmy, B Celtic Minor, D Celtic Minor or the D Major.

These are great versions of a classic handpan at a much more affordable price that will let you do a great busking with your favorite instrument.