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What Are The Best Ways To Celebrate World Environment Day 2017 At Your Workplace ?

celebrate world environment day 2017

Published on June 5th, 2017

World Environment Day is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5 June. Let’s get together and celebrate this World Environment Day 2017 to reduce carbon emissions. At global and national levels lot of activities are organized to let people know about the significance of this day.

We will show you 21 green ideas to celebrate world environment day 2017 at your workplace, check out below:

1. Instead of personal transport use public transport to come to office and go back to home

world environment day


2. Take print out on both sides of the paper if it is not required otherwise

environment day


3. Switch off lights of your room or around your seat if you go out for lunch

world environment day 2017


4. Find all papers that were used on one side and make it a rough note-book

world environment day speech


5. Write a message on environment and put it on your desk top

environment day speech


6. With every message through mobile write a tag line reminding others about World Environment Day

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7. In lunch time talk with colleagues about the day and motivate them to take care of environment

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8. Collect old newspapers and sell them to any recycling company

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9. Make a promise to protect environment and paste it on notice board for others to follow

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10. If you are boss, send a general request letter to all employees to take care of environment

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11. On phone call after salutation also remind the caller about the day

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12. If you are a teacher deliver a speech in prayer assembly on significance of this day

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13. Arrange a speech competition among best debaters of the school on the importance of this day

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14. Organize a poster competition and give awards to makers of best poster

world environment day slogans


15. Ask students to write about your surrounding environment

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16. Organize a skit competition among senior classes in a free period and give award to best performers

june 5 world environment day


17. Plant trees in free soil-space of the school

june 5 world environment day


18. Paste posters on notice board of different sections of school telling students what to do on this day

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19. If you are factory owner collect your staff and let them know why environmental care is must during manufacturing process

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20. Give green worker award to a staff member who keeps his working place tidy and helps maintain factory environment clean

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21. Get progress report from your Health and Environment Department and publicize it through media to show how environment friendly you are.

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source : pollutionpollution.com