8 Reasons Why It’s Better To Choose Home Care Instead Of A Care Home

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February 27th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Senior loved ones deserve all the care and love that you can give. They went through a lot in life so it’s just but proper to provide them with the best care so they can enjoy their sunset days.

Finding the right caring option for your senior or physically disabled loved one is paramount to improving his/her quality of life especially after hospitalization.

1. Better Family Time

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No need to worry about limited visitation hours or spending your family time in a cramped lobby in a care home. If you choose assisted living for your loved one, you’re permitted to come as you please and bring as many family members to visit your grandmother or grandfather.

A supported living setup will also allow your loved one to participate in important family gatherings such as birthdays, christening, Christmas and weddings. Members of the family can also take turns in visiting your loved one.


2. Assured Recovery

Studies claim that patients who suffered from serious injuries or illnesses recover faster when they stay in their homes. This is because they get to sleep better and feel more secured and at ease compared to sharing a room with a total stranger.

After your loved one gets discharged from the hospital, it’s best to let him/her stay in her own home with a certified carer to look after his/her well-being.


3. Save Money

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Availing care home services can be costly. You may need to spend around £39,300 or $53,000 a year. Most nursing homes charge the fees per month, while others charge bi-annually. You may not retract the contract until you complete the agreed term.

On one hand, home carers charge by the hour, giving you the option to discontinue the working contract if the carer fails to deliver what you both agreed upon. It gives you the flexibility to hire a suitable candidate for a short timeframe in case you want to take care of your parent or grandparent for a couple of weeks.

4. Maintain Your Loved One’s Privacy And Independence

One of the major reasons why a lot of people don’t like leaving their old loved ones in caring homes is lack of privacy and independence. Nursing care homes have around 20 residents, but if it’s located in a highly urbanized area, you can expect to find more people.

On top of the privacy your loved one can enjoy, they can also savor their independence. He/she can freely move around the house with their chosen mobility equipment without worrying about other folks or constantly asking for help.

Instead of directly intervening with all the tasks, a live-in carer can provide assistance when requested by the patient. This will allow your family member to exercise enough independence.

Most of the time, old and disabled folks feel depressed or anxious when they no longer feel strong or functional. A lot of them value their independence a lot. This is why it’s absolutely critical to allow them to perform their tasks on their own.


5. Caring And Loving Companion


Sometimes, elderly people need to have a trusty companion by their side. They feel lonesome and abandoned, most especially when their friends and families have relocated to a distant location.

This is why it pays to have a dedicated, patient and reliable carer living with them in the house. This way that can confide to and consult about their effects of ageing, the symptoms of their debilitating illness and their mental health stability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your granny, mum, grandpa or father won’t just receive personalised care but also gain a caring and loving companion who can look after them when you’re not around.


6. Improved Mental Well-Being

Helps Adult Elders To Take Part In Various Activities

Elderly individuals suffering from mental health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are among the most neglected individuals all around the globe. If you aim to significantly improve the quality of your elderly loved one who suffers from mental health concerns, hiring a live-in nurse or caregiver is the best option you have.

A crowded nursing care facility may provide very little benefit to your family member. Instead of feeling more at ease and focused, he/she may feel irritated, restless and anxious all the time.

Instead of using the services provided by a care home, you should opt for a more exclusive and private setup.


7. No Adjustment Needed

Plenty of families who have senior or disabled loved ones prefer the home care setup because they want to minimize the time needed to fully settle and adjust. Most elderly people who live in nursing homes complain that they can’t perform their daily tasks and enjoy their hobbies because they don’t feel comfortable in a new and unfamiliar space.

If you opt to avail the services of a live-in carer, your parent or grandparent can use their own bed, hang out in the garden they love so much, interact with their favourite neighbours, tend to their own gardens, and do their usual routine.


8. One-on-One Patient Care


While nursing care homes strive to provide outstanding services, sometimes they get too cramped. Although there’s a required nurse-to-patient ratio in medical and nursing care facilities, there are instances when they need to make a few compromises in order to satisfy market demands. This often results in poor care services and slow patient recovery.

By hiring a dedicated carer, you can be one hundred percent confident that your elderly family member receives personalized care.

A live-in carer creates a detailed patient care plan that specifically caters to the needs and demands of your beloved senior family member. The care plan includes the medication needed, the types of routine they engage in each day and the food items they’re allergic to.

If the attending physician of your loved one recommends supported living, you should consider this option instead of placing him/her in a nursing care facility. All you need to ensure is that you hire the right home carer and make the appropriate adjustments to your loved one’s residence. With this kind of setup, you can provide the best care for your family member and spend quality time with them whenever you want.

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