What Are The Hottest Digital Currency Projects In 2021

What Are The Hottest Digital Currency Projects In 2021

Published on June 11th, 2021

The field of digital currency is always expanding. There are over 4000 cryptocurrencies existing today. Let us examine the hottest digital currency projects in 2021.


ATOM is a cryptocurrency that controls a set of interconnected blockchains made to scale and work with another system. This project was launched in March 2019 through a first coin that offers ICO.

Further, the internet of blockchains is designed to communicate with one another in a decentralized way. Apps and Services use Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) to connect.

Therefore, it allows users to exchange data and assets freely across sovereign. Moreover, ATOM users can stake tokens to get more ATOM rewards and maintain the network.

2. KSM

KSM is a network of distinct blockchain which is built by Substrate. This is a similar codebase to Polkadot cryptocurrency. This digital currency was founded in 2019 by Gavin Wood, a Co-founder of Polkadot.

This project has a goal to discover and experiment with new opportunities while including Blockchain network and community. Furthermore, it is ideal for developers who wish to use Polkadot.

KSM wallet allows Users to manage transfer and balance inquiries. You can purchase KSM from exchange platforms like Kucoin, Hotbit, and MXC.

3. LPT

LPT is the first decentralized network to stream live video, founded in 2017. The project is becoming popular, seeing that users can participate in many ways.

It has a goal to streamline the process of broadcasting by allowing producers to put work on the project, manage to reformat, share the content to users, and live places.

Additionally, it offers uncensorable live journalism, auto-scaling video services,video-enabled DApps, and content consumption.

4. 1INCH

1INCH is a decentralized digital exchange that connects various DEXes in a singular platform. This allows users to get reliable exchanges on all platforms.

It features a DEX aggregator allowing users to get the best process by eliminating manual checking, thus efficiency. DEX works by getting liquidity from diverse DExs.

In December 2020, 1inch launched a 1inch governance token; thus, the platform began to be controlled by the decentralized autonomous organization.

5. NKN

NKN is a decentralized public blockchain based on peer-to-peer networks to distribute internet connectivity and network bandwidth.

It uses world addressing schemes that characterize public keys; hence it is safe. You can exchange NKN on platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

6. ENJ

ENJ is a digital currency made with the Enjin platform and built on Etheazreum. It features integrated products that help users to develop, exchange, monetize as well market with blockchain. In addition, ENJ tools allow studios and game developers to use tokenized digital models to become part of strategies.

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